Meet the Whole New BlackBerry Z10 – 6 Reasons to Buy it

blackberry z10
blackberry z10

Blackberry is the device carried by businessmen, top executives of big companies and students. The device has a universal appeal that is more a style statement spelling out class and sophistication. To flash your BBM Pin is akin to flashing your Titanium credit card in the world of class and fashion. BlackBerry sells on the strength of its powerful brand name though it established itself in the corporate world for the immense security it had mounted up to protect data, that they say even the secret service agencies could not crack.

However, the glamour of BlackBerry began to fade as its fickle lovers discovered new devices from competitors that had great features and new things to offer beside the BBM Pin. Other messengers began to dominate the scene, and though BlackBerry has not faded, the company had to take some major steps to revamp themselves and break out of the hubris that was rearing its deadly hood. Blackberry revealed its first trump card with the launch of Blackberry Z10.


The BlackBerry Z10 is the new, rejuvenated BlackBerry and we give you 6 Reasons to buy it:

1. The “Flow” User Interface

Keeping an ergonomic setup in mind, the BB Z10 was manufactured with a Flow concept that answers to easy swipes and gestures so the user can navigate through contacts, messages, emails, and other tabs with ease, making multi-tasking an easily acquired skill.

2. BlackBerry 10

The new platform on which the BB Z10 has been launched has been titled the BlackBerry 10 OS. It has already been updated to a new version the BB 10.1. The OS offers Hub interface to segregate your personal and professional files and ensures easier navigation throughout.

3. BlackBerry Hub

The Hub is the one stop point for messaging, contacts, emailing, Facebooking, BBMing, and every contact app you require. All the messages coming on any of these apps will be reflected on the Hub eliminating the need for you to go to the individual app to enter your response.

4. BlackBerry Messenger

The BBM is much coveted by all BlackBerry users; in fact it is one of the greatest reasons why BlackBerry fans swear by their devices. The upgraded BBM on the BB10 device comes with a voice calling feature which means you can send messages and make phone call with your BBM henceforth.


5. BlackBerry World

The app store for BlackBerry now comes with over 70,000 apps in various categories. The BB World has a comprehensive list of games in various categories to keep the user busy and hooked for the longest time.

6. Impressive specifications

The BlackBerry Z10 has been launched to compete with heavyweights such as Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, and Apple iPhone 5 which are lords of the Smartphone world in their own right. We have only discussed a few salient features of the Blackberry Z10 and haven’t even scratched the surface with that. Its key hardware specifications include a 4.2-inch LCD HD display, 1.5GHZ dual core processor with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM that is expandable. It has an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera with great features and all the latest connectivity options including 4G LTE and NFC.

The BlackBerry Z10 has stayed true to its reputation of providing user high level of security for personal information and remains one of the most perfect Smartphones to be had to work, play and communicate.

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