Mastering the Art of Promoting Your YouTube Channel Through Email


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We are going to explain the amazing services of YouTube promotion through, We know that the average number of views per day on my YouTube channel is over 6 million. That’s a lot of eyeballs watching my videos every single day. But when you’re trying to get people to watch your videos, it can be tough. So many other things compete for attention in today’s overloaded digital world: social media posts, blog posts, and tweets. The list goes on! How do you make sure that your channel gets noticed?

Start with a Strong Introduction

Your email introduction should be short, sweet and to the point. It should introduce yourself, your channel and the video you’re promoting. You’ll include a few sentences about how your channel differs from other creators. On will help you stand out as someone with something unique to offer.

Include some information about what makes this particular video special and why people should care about it.

For example, if it’s an educational video with real-life examples (which we love), tell us what makes those examples so interesting or useful for viewers. How can other people learn from them? Don’t forget that all good emails have call-to-action statements at their end.

Give Them Something in It for Them (Freebie)

If you’re lucky enough to have a large audience, there are several ways to give them something in it for them.

  • Offer a freebie: This is one of the most effective ways to build up your subscribers’ trust and interest in your channel. You can offer any product or service (like meal plans) to help you grow your email list even further.
  • Create an incentive: Use this tactic to incentivize people to enter their email addresses into your newsletter form on YouTube. For example, suppose someone submits their email address by filling out some demographic questions during the signup process and giving away tickets to an upcoming concert/event to complete this task. In that case, they will be rewarded with more chances at winning prizes, such as signed items from artists they like.

Why Videos?

  • Videos are more engaging than text.
  • Videos are easier to consume on mobile devices.
  • They’re more likely to be watched to completion, which means they’ll be shared with your audience and help build a larger following of people who like what you do.

Link to Your YouTube Channel in EVERY Email

You should link to your YouTube channel in EVERY email.

That sounds like a lot of work. But it’s easy. You have to use a link-building plugin like [Link Building Tool] ( or [Fresh Links] (http://freshlinksapp.)

Use a List Building Plugin to Create a Link

You’re now ready to start building your email list. First, you want to ensure that the plugin allows importing YouTube subscribers into the list. You can find this information on their website or call them for assistance if you have questions about the process.

Once you have confirmed that it is possible, create a new subscriber form in your WordPress site and select “YouTube Subscribers” from the dropdown menu at the top left corner of your screen. The next step will be importing all those subscribers into this plugin to be used later on.

Send Out More Than Just a Link to Your Channel

Sending a link to your channel is great, but more is needed. You need to send something else as well.

What makes this so important is that when people are looking at links on YouTube, they usually look for something that will help them with their content creation process or provide them with information about the topic being discussed in the video. If you have any other relevant products or services related to what you’re talking about in your video, then sending those would be a great idea! For example, if I’m talking about how much money I saved by switching from cable TV bills over to Netflix, then sending people to my website would be great! Or if I was talking about how I started making videos (and what kind of equipment I used), then sending people over there would make sense too.

The point here is don’t just send them an email send them both!

Monitor Your Stats

Monitoring your stats is important because it lets you see what’s working and what isn’t. Those videos need work if there are a few videos with decent views but no subscribers or comments. You can also use this information for future planning by adding more of the same content into other channels so that all of them have something new coming up soon (or at least within this month).

That is especially useful if you want to promote one specific channel on YouTube instead of promoting everything under one umbrella brand name like I did above (this helps keep things organized).

If you’re not emailing your YouTube audience, you’re doing it wrong.

Email is a powerful marketing tool that can help promote and build your channel. By using email campaigns as part of your overall marketing strategy, you’ll be able to increase engagement with viewers, drive traffic back to the videos on YouTube and get them involved in conversations about what’s happening in the community.

The best part is that there are no hard rules for success regarding email marketing you need to experiment and see what works best for you!


Building a strong following is key to making your channel successful. With that in mind, it’s important to remember that you’re not just sending emails out to your subscribers and viewers you want them to engage with what you’re doing on social media too! So if the subject line isn’t working for any reason, try changing it and trying something new. Remember that this isn’t about tricking people into clicking through it’s about building relationships with them so they’ll want more from you.

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