Marketing For Moving Companies: What Success Metrics Should You Measure?


If you’re managing a moving company, chances are you want to maximize your exposure in the online space. After all, it’s through exposure – in this context, marketing – that a lot of people can get to know your service and maybe even choose your team for their moving needs. However, if your team is used to having people just contact you for their moving needs, you might want to improve your marketing efforts through proper marketing.

Unfortunately, if you’re not too used to marketing for your team, you might be confused as to what kind of approach you have to do. After all, marketing can come in the form of blogging, social media posting, or even creating other forms of useful content for customers and clients. How exactly do you know which strategies work best for you? Interestingly, the best approach might all have to do with the success metrics you want to prioritize. Here are some metrics you should pay attention to when thinking of marketing efforts:

  • Website visits may need blogs and outbound linking.

If you want to get more website visits and page views, you might want to focus on outbound linking or other link-building efforts. Essentially, this means creating content that isn’t just helpful for your customers but is also targeted to motivate people to visit your website. These include creating blog posts and pieces of content that are geared towards linking back to your website. These can include efforts such as adding keywords to moving companies NYC and aiming to get as many people to view your page as possible.

  • Dominate the local SEO scene with more local keywords, content.

If you want to start dominating the SEO scene of your branch location, you might want to start using more local keywords and incorporating local concepts into your marketing efforts. These include creating posts that correspond to local events in your area or even prioritizing the inclusion of relevant keywords in your area such as the location name and other terms that only locals understand. If your goal is to generate a stronger local presence in the digital scene, this is a great way to do this and be the first accessible option whenever people start searching for moving companies in your area.

  • Likes and follows determine a strong following with a memorable personality.

If you want your moving team to be more memorable to your audiences, you can also focus your marketing efforts into creating a recognizable voice to your branding. These can include adding a “personality” that allows your posts to be wittier, funnier, or just more conversational. This lets you set yourself apart from competitors by being more recognizable to your audiences, which boosts the chances of them relying on you as their go-to moving team by the time they decide to make a move happen.

  • Subscribers to emails and newsletters may indicate appeal to a more professional level.

If your moving team wants to be more appealing to professionals such as companies and corporations, you may want to start focusing your efforts on creating more appealing and informative newsletters and emails. This means generating an email marketing campaign that focuses on increasing subscriber counts that could get content via your newsletters – and it’s usually professionals and company personnel that keep tabs on the services they hire via their emails.

  • Increase in inquiries about your service.

If you’re not necessarily interested in getting sales immediately but want to prioritize people being interested in your service, you might want to increase marketing opportunities that promote calling your hotlines to inquire about your service. This is a good way to boost the appeal of your company in terms of customer service, which may solidify the impressions that your company is a team to rely on. This can work in boosting sales in the long run, especially if you’re aiming to build long-term fans.

  • Sales increase means incorporating compelling discounts and offers.

If you want to get more sales or more clients to avail your moving company’s services, you might want to create content geared towards incorporating offers and discounts. These include adding these offers and discounts on your website’s homepage, or even boosting your advertising efforts. This means creating content that fits under the scope of Manhattan movers or even maximizing the use of calls-to-action, action buttons, and even images that encourage more people to visit your website to avail these offerings.

Success Metrics For Content Marketing: Pay Attention To this Stats

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to understand that the best metrics you should measure for your moving team has all to do with the kind of exposure you want your moving team to get. As mentioned, these can come in the form of more website views, more subscribers, or even more sales for your moving team. These things can affect your overall marketing efforts in different ways, and all of them can affect your moving team positively depending on your goals.


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