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Manually Update Yureka, Yureka Plus & Yuphoria to Official Lollipop YOG4PAS8A4/8A8 Version

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2016)

Cyanogen is rolling out official incremental Lollipop update for Yureka, Yureka Plus (YOG4PAS8A4) and Yuphoria (YOG4PAS8A8) . Though these phones are already having 5.1.1 lollipop version, this incremental update provides latest critical security patches, stability and performance improvement and a fix for random screen going black and wallpaper changing to default. Here’s how to manually update Yureka, Yureka Plus and Yuphoria to the incremental YOG4PAS8A4 firmware.manually update yureka, yuphoria

This tutorial is for those who didn’t receive the OTA notification for the update and for those who tampered the software by unlocking the bootloader and rooted their device. As you know, official OTA updates can’t be installed in a rooted phone as long as you’re having an external (custom) recovery and 3rd party kernel, in fact.

You can’t install this official YOG4PAS8A4 firmware update if:

      • You’re on a custom recovery
      • Having a custom kernel
      • Device is rooted
      • Having old YOG4PAS6ZA firmware version. You have to be on YOG4PAS3JM firmware version to grab this update.

Manually Update Yureka/Yureka Plus to YOG4PAS8A4 Version – For Non-Rooted Users

If you stuck at the old YOG4PAS6ZA firmware version, you have to manually update to the previous firmware version (YOG4PAS3JM) . For that, follow these instruction.

  • Download official S3JM firmware [Link] and flash it via fastboot. (Your data will be wiped. Be sure to backup)
  • You’ll get OTA notification for the newer version. Download and install.
  • If you don’t get the update prompt, download the latest firmware [Link] and copy it to your internal memory.
  • Now reboot your phone into recovery (Switch off your phone. Press volume UP and DOWN and power buttons together until you get into stock cyanogen recovery
  • From there, Select “apply update” and Select “Choose from internal storage”/”Choose from external sdcard” and navigate to the copied ZIP file and flash. Reboot after completion.

Manual Update Guide for Rooted/Custom Recovey/Custom Kernel Users – Yureka/Yureka Plus

  1. Download stock recovery [Link]
  2. Flash this stock recovery via TWRP or with Flashify app.
  3. Once you’re on the stock recovery, download the latest update [Link] and flash it via stock recovery.
  4. You will get OTA notification once you’re connected to the internet. If not, follow the above procedure to manually flash the update.

Manually Update Yuphoria to Latest Lollipop Firmware YOG4PAS8A8 – Non Rooted Users

If you don’t get the update automatically, download the stock firmware [Link] and flash it with the stock cyanogen recovery (Procedures are mentioned above)

Yuphoria Manual Update to Latest Lollipop Firmware YOG4PAS8A8- Rooted Users

  1. Download stock recovery [Link] and flash it via TWRP or with Flashify app.
  2. After flashing the stock recovery, download and copy the stock firmware [Link] to your phone’s storage and flash it via stock recovery (Detailed instructions are mentioned above).
  3. Once you’re updated with the stock firmware version, you will be getting the OTA alert for the newer incremental update. If now, download the same [Link] and manually flash it via stock recovery.

I have updated my Yureka plus with this incremental lollipop update and so far, this updated seems pretty stable. This incremental update fixed the heating issue and system lags. In short, if you’re having Yureka, Yureka Plus or Yuphoria this latest official incremental firmware update is worth spending your time. Hope you could manually update Yureka, Yureka Plus and Yuphoria with this tutorial if you didn’t get the official OTA yet.

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