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You are not necessarily the most vulnerable person if a hacker or cyber-criminal gains access to your email. While there is potentially a lot of sensitive data available in your emails, a lot of this data is incomplete or obscured.

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The people who are at the highest risk in this scenario are your email contacts. The hackers would use your account to send phishing emails to your contacts containing malicious links and software. Because the email comes from a trusted source it’s likely that the receiver would interact with the content.

If hackers manage to get their software onto the PC or smartphone the receiver is using, it could cause a lot of trouble for that person.

Tools and software have become a lot more advanced in recent years when it comes to protecting your email, social media accounts, financial services like Internet banking or products where you make economical transactions such as online casinos.

At the same time, hackers and cybercriminals in India and internationally are becoming increasingly more sophisticated when it comes to gaining access to the data that is being protected.


Unfortunately, a lot of people use weak passwords which are re-used in many locations. This is a very bad practice. It happens because it’s difficult to remember complex passwords. Safety education when it comes to internet usage is another reason, people are not aware of the risks and dangers of not protecting themselves.

Whenever you register, login or enter any personal details in a website or service you need to set a strong and unique password which is difficult to hack.

When You Need a Password Manager

People are generally scared that they will forget their passwords. Especially when the password combinations would look something like this:

  • A0rm%k!23km
  • 934dSk&!da
  • !ks!293jW9

How in the world would you remember 3, 4, 5 or more different combinations like that? With good password management of course!

You might be wondering if you really need a password manager. In some, as when 2-factor authentication is active, it’s not needed. If we look at the examples mentioned earlier about financial services and economical transactions:

For example, some online casinos in India offer 2-factor authentication to their customers as an option to access their accounts. Online casinos come under a lot of scrutiny regarding their safety measures, as it’s an industry that handles great amounts of money in transactions, both outgoing and incoming. 2-factor authentication is an additional security layer when logging into an account.

Basically, after requesting to login to your account you receive a unique 4 or 6-digit code in your phone as a text message or push-notification. You then enter the code in your login dialog in order to access your account.

If you are currently playing at an Indian online casino that lacks this type of security, we suggest you find a new and more secure online casino to play at. Which offer you the highest level of security. Being safe when dealing with products or services where you carry out financial transactions is very important. Secure services also offer peace of mind and you never have to worry.

Whether it is an online casino, an e-commerce store or a local Indian bank you are using and they do not offer 2-factor authentication then we suggest that you continue reading!

Why You Need a Password Manager

Once again, in order to emphasize the importance of strong passwords and password managers when 2-factor authentication is not available. Millions of records are stolen every year.

A lot of this data is incomplete or obscured but in a lot of cases, there is enough information available for cybercriminals to commit identity theft. In the case where criminals get access to accounts where you carry out economical transactions, they would able to steal money from you.

If you want to learn more about what do if something happens to you we suggest that you read this article.

Do your best to avoid being a victim, use a unique and strong password for all important accounts. Manage all these passwords with a password manager.

The Best Password Managers


Available in a free version. Dashlane syncs across all devices and operative systems but with limited support for the Internet Explorer browser. It offers essential and advanced password management features including VPN protection.

It’s easy to use and makes for intelligent and smart password management.


Not available in the free version but offers flexible pricing. If you are a student you can get a 50% student discount, if you have a spouse and children you can use a family account and so on. Keeper supports all devices and operative systems including Internet Explorer.

Besides just offering smart password management, Keeper also offers secure file storage, messaging and 2-factor authentication capabilities.


Available in a free version and offers similar capabilities as Keeper. To gain access to multi-factor authentication, secure online file storage you need to upgrade to the paid version. The paid version will also give you priority support and no ads.

Start out with the free version and see if you have a need to upgrade to get premium features.

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