6 Reasons why Live Streaming should be an Integral Part of your Customer Outreach Program




Covid19 hasn’t been kind to businesses. But, the period of reckoning has passed and most organizations have already devised ways to turn the crisis into a thriving opportunity.

But then, turning a problem on its head requires foresightedness and the requisite tools to help you scale beyond the process. That said, what better tool can businesses rely on other than technology.

Technology has opened several pathways for business, whilst allowing them to make use of several unused resources and turn them into impactful ways of reaching clients. Live Streaming, happens to be one such organizational resource that has been at the forefront for most businesses, helping them periodically with outreach programs, new product launches, online sales, and more.

But then, Why Live Streaming?

Real-time videos sell like hotcakes and there is no denying this statement. Since the inception of branding as a concept, customers were always intrigued to know what goes on with the company in real-time and how many misses are behind that single hit that works.

However, it’s 2021, and businesses are letting their audiences know almost everything about their functioning. Right now, live streaming is making things insanely more transparent, unfiltered, and therefore, billable.

Besides, even the latest reports and statistics vindicate the growing popularity of live streaming as a business resource. As per reliable studies, clients prefer watching live videos instead of the pre-recorded ones. While this inclination towards live videos surpassed the conventional viewing preferences by 300 percent in the pre-pandemic era itself, we can expect amplified figures in 2021.

Moreover, videos have made their presence felt in every walk of life and now with the streaming culture getting precedence, live videos are expected to enjoy a lion’s share of the marketing attention. If these aren’t convincing enough, videos, live or pre-recorded, have a better reach i.e. 135 percent higher, when compared to photos

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  • Connecting with Clients to Showcase Industry Events

While several organizations used to arrange targeted expos and events for their clients and prospective leads, precisely to bring them to speed with the latest happenings in the R&D sector, the pandemic has pushed this opportunity out of the window. However, live streaming still allows you to arrange event projections, whilst letting the brands connect with the individuals in a more personalized manner.

Not just that, with live streaming customers, can literally bring the events home and even check out the underrated yet rewarding backstage content. Lastly, live-streamed events can be made more productive as you can keep asking for user suggestions and make changes, accordingly.

  • Interacting and Solving Client Queries

Nothing works better for brands than to connect with the customers and take their questions for resolutions. Live streaming offers this flexibility by allowing companies to arrange Q&A sessions and responding to the doubts in real-time. This approach readily showcases the care that the concerned brand has for the clientele.

As the post-pandemic era is all about building a lasting rapport with the customers, businesses, and brands that recognize and talk about each streaming participant or even acknowledge their presence personally are expected to trounce the competitors.

  • The proliferation of Streaming Platforms

The ease of accessing live streams is one of the reasons why brands are relying on the same as a part of their outreach strategy. A few years back, live streaming was a service solely curated for PCs and smartphones. However, with the advent of smart televisions and streaming devices like Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, and more, it has become easier for businesses to reach almost every house there is, for pushing forth their offerings.

That said, accessing live TV or installing third-party streaming applications might not be that easy if you do not rely on step-by-step instructions to set up your Amazon Fire TV Stick or any other streamer for that matter.

Be it side-loading applications or accessing built-in social media apps over the Smart TV or the streaming devices like TV Stick and more, brands can reach customers in several ways, to make their presence felt.

Besides, with streaming devices also supporting IPTV services and live content, brands can even associate themselves with sporting events to reach the prospects, directly.

  • Showcasing Product Making in Real-Time

Nothing works better for the brands than to show product designing, manufacturing, and even preparations in real-time. This approach allows businesses to target several clients at once, whilst showing them the product quality. While a company dealing in consumer electronics can showcase the minor manufacturing titbits, restaurant owners can make the best use of this feature, to unearth some complicated preparations and innovative hacks.

Then again, this doesn’t mean giving out the trade secrets and only concerns setting a personalized rapport with the audience.

  • Sending out Relevant Company Details

While email newsletters are still effective enough, live streaming the company updates and news is also a great strategy to amplify the subscription numbers. The best thing about the live-streamed, weekly newsletters is that they tap into the customer loyalty quotient and generate massive views. Besides, unlike email newsletters, live streams can be made more entertaining by pairing humorous anecdotes and other ideas that are best experienced over videos.

  • Announcing Product Launches

Believe it or not, relying on live streams for launching a product is good enough to create a lasting buzz and a rewarding impression.

Last checked in 2020, almost 3.96 billion individuals have an active presence over social media, which readily exposes the new products to a massive user base. Besides, if you are a popular brand with a large social media following, announcing a live stream for launching a particular product might push the views through the roof.

Live streaming is still one of the more underrated marketing tools for businesses to rely on. However, if used in adherence to an excellent content creation plan, this business resource can miraculously amplify the company sales. Most importantly, as a visual medium, streaming has the capability of reaching through to most individuals and more to those who do not have the requisite attention span to read through the content.

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