6 Little Tips to Make Your Podcast a Massive Success


In the modern world of broadcast media, where’s the best place to be? Is it prime-time radio or television? Decades ago, maybe, but podcasts are the dominant medium now.

On a podcast, you don’t have to worry about time limitations or scheduling slots. You just need to record whatever it is you want to record, post it online, and wait to see whether listeners appreciate what you’re doing or not.

Of course, with the level of competition in the podcasting world these days, it can be hard to get people to tune into yours. Luckily, there are certain things any podcaster can do to improve their appeal and expand their reach.

We’ve looked at six of the best ones here.

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Invest in Good Recording Equipment

When people think about starting a podcast, they often spend a lot of time dwelling on their ideas for content, their skill as an interviewer, or their access to good guests. However, there are more basic requirements. No one will listen to a podcast (no matter how informative, hilarious, or insightful it is) if they can’t hear it properly.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to invest in proper microphones from the outset. This will lend your show an air of professionalism. Even if your content isn’t unique from the start, a properly-recorded podcast will make listeners take you seriously.

Have Your Show Edited Properly

Proper editing is something you need to prioritize from the beginning of your podcast journey. In fact, it’s more important to edit correctly at the start than at any other time, as you will make a lot of mistakes at first that will need to be removed from the final recording.

Some say it’s better to edit as little as possible to give your podcast a more natural flow. However, if you leave too much irrelevant material in your show, people will get bored and switch off.

To prevent the editing process from affecting the flow of your podcast, you should consider employing the services of a podcast editing company.

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Be Focused

When people begin a podcast (or any long-term undertaking that requires hard work), they often pursue it with massive enthusiasm for the first few weeks or months but allow this intensity to tail off after a while. You need to avoid this pitfall if you want to be a successful podcaster.

That doesn’t mean you have to be wholly engaged in a project at all times. In fact, that’s something you should avoid, as it will lead to burnout. Instead, you just need to have a clear idea of what you need to do and an effective schedule for getting it done.

Prioritize the most critical tasks and do those first. Leave nonessential items until afterward.

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Get Good at Reaching Out

Most podcasts feature guests at least some of the time. If you want people to listen to your show, you need to find interesting people to be on it. Of course, the issue here is that such people tend to have other things on their schedule and can therefore be difficult to persuade to appear on podcasts, especially newer shows.

Therefore, you need to get into the habit of regularly reaching out to potential guests via email or social media. Most people will probably ignore or reject you at first, and that’s fine. If you send out enough requests, some will bear fruit.

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Plan Ahead

In podcasting and life, unexpected things happen. If you don’t have your affairs in order, such events can quickly derail your project.

Therefore, you always need a backup plan. If an important guest backs out of the show at the last minute, for example, you could do a monologue if you had one prepared.

Embrace Your Mistakes

You need to get comfortable with the idea that your podcast will not be a winner right away. For the first while, you will probably have relatively few listeners, and you’re likely to get many things wrong. Paying close attention to your mistakes is the best way to get out of this phase quickly.

Listen to your shows after they go online. Are there things you’d have done differently, things you should have said or avoided? If so, make a note of all of them before your next episode.

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Getting Ahead of the Podcast Game in 2021

Podcasting can be daunting for a complete newcomer, especially if you’re not used to speaking to large groups of people. Many new podcasters get intimidated by the idea of what they’re doing and give up after a few episodes. However, if you use the tips we’ve shared here, you’ll be well on your way to creating and sustaining a popular podcast!

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