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Leaked : Download Facebook Home Launcher for all Android Phones

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2013)
Facebook Home Launcher preview

Now download the leaked apk version of Facebook Home Launcher for all Android phones for free. Facebook Home has been one of the most controversial topics these days in Android Market. There had been huge expectations regarding to new initiative from Facebook.

Some people were saying that it’s whole new OS just like Android which mainly accelerates Facebook products like Facebook official app, FB chat, FB messenger etc. On the other hand, there had also been discussions like it’s a phone from Facebook.

However, by shutting the mouth of all paparazzi, Facebook itself launched “Facebook Home” in HTC First, Nexus 4 phone and Nexus 7 tablet by Google. To be precise, it’s an android launcher just like Go Launcher which enables all Facebook functions in a single app. Isn’t it great?

I’m sure that it’s really going to be viral since we are much addicted to Facebook. Moreover, now download Facebook Home for free to make the most out of it.

Don’t worry whether you don’t have such high end android devices like HTC First or Nexus, you can easily install Facebook Home in (almost) all phones including Samsung Galaxy Ace, Mini, Micromax A110, A116, HTC Wildfire S etc.

The leaked version has been released by world popular brand “ModaCo”. Let’s look what the developer Says.

“A pre-release version of Facebook
Home has leaked ahead of the planned 12th April Play Store release date (also the release date
for the HTC First ‘Facebook phone’).

The build itself (pulled from a pre-
release HTC First ROM) seems to
be rather buggy and incomplete (I
can’t get ‘Chat Heads’ working for
example), but it’s interesting to have a play with to see what
Facebook has in store for us later
this week.”

As the leaked APKs are re-signed and can’t just be installed over the top of an existing installation, you may first uninstall all Facebook (official) apps in your phone. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Even though the developer Says that you should have an android phone with 1280*768 maximum resolution, it’s not much important according to me. For those who rooted their low end phones say, Micromax A110, Galaxy Ace can easily install this app without any hassle.

If your phone didn’t root yet, you may come under the first scenario, which is the resolution limit.

How to Install Facebook Home in all Android Phones

Well, now it’s time to taste leaked Facebook Home so just follow me.

The leak itself consists of 3 APKs – the main Facebook app (ROMraid), the newly- integrated-with-your-SMS ‘orca’
Messenger app (ROMraid) (orca) and the ‘home’ Launcher shell app.

You can download these 3 files from here,

*Download Official Facebook app
*Download New Messenger app
*Download FB Home Launcher Shell

How to Install

The installation seemed to be very easy, just like installing all apk apps.

1. First uninstall all Facebook apps from your phone.

2. Now download the 3 apps mentioned above and copy to your SD Card.

3. Install those apps one by one irrespective of the order.

4. Now take a glance to your app drawer and find “Facebook Home Launcher” and dig out.

You can customize the app in terms of various tweaks which are added by default. So discover the hidden menus and get more addiction with Facebook.

Do let me know if you found this useful. Share your thoughts regarding this and also share this post. By the way, are you going to install this now?

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