What Are The Latest Automation Testing Tools That Are Easy to Use?


With the rising demand for automation, many software development companies are trying to hire a massive number of automation developers. Companies are now exploring ways of upskilling their workforce towards automation.

For a web development project, the front-end technology and the back-end technology are closely interconnected. The front-end technology is linked with the client-side programming – associated with the browser functioning, what the user interacts with and sees. On the other hand, the back-end technology is linked with the server-side programming – associated with the server database.

To test both the technologies, these projects choose the best modern test automation platform that suits the project’s goals. They do so to ensure that they roll out a well-tested and eventually a high-quality product to their customers.

Designing, creating, updating, executing automated tests are easy in many modern-era tools thanks to ML, AI, and NLP. This article lists some of these tools that enable both novice and expert alike to build robust test scripts.

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When Do You Consider an Automation Testing Tool as “Easy”?

We may term a test automation platform as “easy” for a software testing team in the test automation world after consideration of the following perspectives:

  • Test visualization capabilities

These days, several test automation platforms are easy to learn and use, thanks to their visual storyboard functionality.

For example, by using storyboards, even non-technical members of a team can comprehend the test flows, amplifying the collaboration.

  • Zero or no-code platform support

Tools that offer a zero code or less code platform make it easy for a citizen developer to jump on the bandwagon of test automation.

Or perhaps someone on your team who has a background in manual testing but no programming experience can quickly start automating test cases using these platforms.

  • Easy script maintenance

Script Maintenance is always a key consideration for projects. The tools with self-healing capabilities enable code to fix itself whenever a change is made to the application.

For example, suppose your project tests applications that see frequent changes that affect the associated maintenance of the regression test scenarios. In that case, you could rely on these tools.

Also, in cases such as in SAP applications where the UI widget properties may change in every session, and the test script needs change, relying on self-healing tools will fix and recognize the recorded object.

  • Quick integration with 3rd party tools

Integration with other third-party tools is easy in many of the tools mentioned in this article. For example, in the present DevOps and Agile era, test automation platforms that can easily integrate with CI/CD tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, etc., help the project in many ways.

10 Easy-To-Learn Software Automation Testing Tools

Let us discover the trending easy-to-use tools:


This free-to-use automation testing tool has the inbuilt Mobile Test Recorder and Web Test Recorder, making test automation easy. All this is possible thanks to AI powering up the end-to-end test automation tool.

It is pretty popular among expert developers because of its powerful OpenSDK. Selenium and Appium also power the SDK at its base.

It is also popular among those new to automation because of AI Test Recorders.

With this capability, one can just record the test actions, and the test scripts get saved. After which, QA testers can play the test script. It is as easy as that! Someone with only a manual testing background can start building test scripts with the record playback functionality.

With cross-platform support as well, this end-to-end test automation tool is impressive.

The result of relying on TestProject.io to build an automated testing framework for software testing tools will be a positive outcome.


Many teams use this behavior-driven development tool when the test developers and the business analysts are in close sync as they deliver a high-quality product.

Since the behaviors are written in plain English-like scenarios in Gherkin, business analysts who are unversed in programming languages can easily comprehend the tool.

Eventually, the collaboration between the developers, testers, and business analysts strengthens as they work with such BDD tools.


This test automation platform simplifies testing performance and load-testing scenarios.


This zero code test automation platform is used for web, mobile, and API tests. And because it is a zero-code platform, even the novice can automate easily.


Selenium powers the web-testing platform with cross-browser support. Appium supports Mobile tests. Furthermore, the API tests are built on Apache HTTP Client.

Since it supports parallel testing, it saves a lot of time and resources for the Test team. The team can run similar tests with the Cloud as a base.


QA projects can use this popular API test automation tool to build APIs swiftly.

Developers and test automation teams rely on this tool. It is easy to learn thanks to the easy-to-understand user interface and steps associated with API development and tests.

Microfocus UFT

This test automation tool supports writing scripts in VBScript – a language that is easy to learn.

It offers cross-platform support and extends test designing in Web, Desktop, Mobile, and other applications.

If your project wishes to use this tool, you can choose to use the trial and decide afterward if you want to purchase it.


IBM RFT tool built by IBM makes the job of a test automation developer easy by storyboard testing. It does so by making use of test visualization capabilities using NLP.

Thus, even non-technical users can easily comprehend the test suite resources by simplifying the test designing and visualization. Not only that, test recording, playback, and updating test scripts can be performed using the capability.

Their ScriptAssure technology is helpful, especially in those cases in which your project deals with frequently changing web pages and applications. This capability ensures that the test scripts withstand the changes based on the widget property’s weight and scores. Thus, the test scripts are resilient.

Wrap up

Test automation companies can rely on tools that are easy to use and learn, save time, money, and resources, resulting in a higher ROI.

The tools mentioned in this article are our best examples of easy-to-learn and easy-to-use test automation tools that can serve your projects well.

And thanks to such tools, we see many new people joining the test automation workforce. Hence, we see them strengthening the Industrial 4.0 revolution in pivotal ways.

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