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Every year, Google changes the ranking algorithms hundreds of times each year. SEO Experts Los Angeles advises you to keep up with the updates. Only that way will you know the best steps to take to remain at the top of search engines.

The changes, but Google makes SEO tactics so dynamic. It is hence a full-time job to optimize your website. Sometimes you will have to hire SEO experts Los Angeles to boost your ranking. However, there are some tips you can use to help you maintain or increase your ranking position in 2020. H3ere are the best SEO trends.

High Quality and SEO Optimized Content

In everything you do online, quality content will remain an asset. The best thing about excellent quality content is that it will be evergreen-users will always find it useful. One way to ensure you win the trust of google bots is satisfying your readers. Let them stay glued on your website. The increase in average time on site will boost your SEO ranking. Also, there will be increases in social shares. It means your content will reach more readers beyond your mailing list and regular visitors. The action sends a positive signal to Google that, in turn, pushes you up the Google rank.

SEO experts Los Angeles advises you to use the keywords properly. It is the best means to optimize your content. Hus, proper, and targeted keyword research is a must. However, it would help if you avoid keyword stuffing. Google might penalize you for that. It may result in your side going to the bottom of Google ranking. This is a nightmare to any Website owner. Your clients may lose their trust in you.

Activate Mobile Search and Voice Search

People get busier by the day. Thus, they want everything easy so that they can multitask. Since the use of the internet is addictive, no one wants to miss out on the latest news. At the same time, there is an essential workload to accomplish. Thus, one easy way to access content inline is on your mobile phone. If a website is only available on desktop, you will miss out on a lot. People will only access your competitors. Your site visits will drastically reduce. To keep up with the competition, ensure your website is responsive- can operate on desktop and mobile.

Once you ensure millions of mobile users can access your website, activate the voice search settings. This allows even those who cannot write to access your content. It is an advantage since even the blind can listen to your content through google voice reader.

Research and Backlinks

There is a lot of misinformation online. Every time users feel the content is misleading; they leave negative feedback. When ib becomes a trend, Google takes action and pushes your site down the ranks. Thus, when you are doing research, ensure you refer to high authority and trusted websites—link with such a website to show Google that you associate with the best.

Go an extra step and try to request for backlinks to your site. This could be the best step towards your site’s success. Once you gain your reader’s trust, nothing can stop you from ranking higher on Google.

Semantic Search and Intent Optimization

We talked about keyword research on the first point. However, it would help if you comprehended that Google does not use the exact sequence of words in the keywords. That is why SEO expert Los Angeles advises you to use both focus and secondary keywords on your content. The reason is that google checks the intent of a query before they present the search results. If you check the search results’ meta descriptions, you will realize that the highlighted keywords are not in a string. But spread on the entire story.

Include Video in Your Content

Videos capture the interest of Google. Maybe it is hard for you to upload a video you have not featured in your content. You cannot copy and paste any video to your content. Hence it gives video credibility and originality.

If you are interested, you will notice that videos pop up at the top of most searches. Also, if you mix text and video, you are likely to beat your competitors. Thus, SEO experts Los Angeles advises you to create a video for your published content. You will rise a few ranks up.


Do not get comfortable with the SEO knowledge you have. Practice the tips that SEO experts Los Angeles give. It is never safe to relax since you never know when the algorithm will change. However, you should utilize the tips above if you want to rise in ranks in 2020.

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