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A couple of words alone can induce severe rage into a Web Developer. Because sometimes testing can be one of the most boring and irritating things to go through. Sometimes you need to optimise, sometimes you need to debug. It pretty much ends up delaying the publishing of the app in one way or another, and problems that never existed in the first place start to show their ugly heads.

Although rage inducing, testing is also one of the most vital phases an app must go through for all the exact reasons mentioned above. So what can you as a developer do in this situation? You can’t skip the testing and risk sending an unfinished product out into the world. You can’t speed up the testing process and get your job done quickly.

Hold that thought.

Let us introduce you to LambdaTest. An Online Cross Browser Compatibility testing service that allows users to test their web app on different combinations of Operating Systems (currently only Windows and Mac), Browsers ( you know the list Opera, Chrome, Safari, et al), and browser versions.

lambdatest review

Essentially a cloud computing service that allows you to hire out some of their devices to simply deploy tests at the same time to make the best use of your time and work more efficiently.

Intrigued? So were we. So let’s head in together and take a deeper look at the feature set of LambdaTest.


  • Offers something that you won’t easily find on the internet

With LambdaTest you get access to over 2000 combinations of Operating Systems, Browsers, and browser versions.

Why browser version we hear you ask? Well with companies releasing daily to weekly updates to their browsers something or the other is constantly changing around, and with all these changes we need to make sure that our app stays on top of the pile and doesn’t crumble and fall over. Something interesting that comes with these computers that you hire out is the fact that each and every single one of them comes in with an IDE preloaded, so that even when you try to run some tests remotely from a computer that doesn’t have the required software, if you run into a bug you can get it sorted in a jiffy.

  • Support for mobile devices

With LambdaTest you are not simply limited to PC’s for testing purposes, but you can also fully utilise mobile phones and mobile browsers, currently with support for top brands like Apple Samsung, Google, Sony, LG, One Plus, HTC, Amazon, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Gionee, Oppo and Vivo, also supporting various screen sizes and resolutions you can simply test out the responsiveness of your app on a mobile browser.

  • Automated Screenshots and an Integrated Issue logger

The way LambdaTest allows users to view results in real time is by simply sending over automatically taken screenshots and screen recordings that are generated after each test run.

Additionally, this application comes in with an inbuilt issue logging service that allows users of the app to register complaints which are delivered directly to the developer. The developer can then proceed to actually sort out these bugs and issues and communicate with the users.

With a brilliant feature set, that we weren’t able to fully cover, LambdaTest makes for an amazing online Cross-Platform Compatibility Testing service.

And with plans starting at just $15, there’s not much that can go wrong with you buying a subscription. You can find out more info regarding LambdaTest and additional packages on their official website

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