Kik: How to Silently Tackle Harmful and Twisted Minded Users


Have you ever wondered how honest people truly are while you speak to them on KIK and other messengers? Earlier in days before modern technology, parents were too involved in the lives of their kids. Back half a century ago, people had better morals and honor meant something. Today, the more you can lie to people, the smarter you are – that’s a general idea. Which, by the way, is very wrong. KIK presents users an opportunity to talk to random strangers with anonymity. However, this does prove fatal at times, if you don’t realize but you are talking to a psychopath or a sexual predator. With a Kik spying app, you can watch conversations remotely and get inside the twisted mind.

  1. Kik Can Tell You What the Other Person Thinks

What you see when you speak to them on Kik may not always be their true self. However, concerned parents need to keep a closer eye on their kids. In fact, siblings can also help their younger ones by tracking their mobile activity to keep them safe from threats and harmful people online. After all, there is a dark side of the internet. By sneaking into conversations, you can get a clear idea about the nature or mindset and intentions of the anonymous Kik user with whom your loved ones speak.

Here’s what you can do to get into the minds of twisted people:kik

  1. Have a Talk with Them

Assuming a loved one, someone you care about is talking to a random stranger on Kik. You can ask them to stop engaging in such conversations. Talk to them to enlighten them about the fact that the person on the other side maintains anonymity and this makes tracking them difficult and risky. Highlight the threats of talking to the person and red flags you can see. If this doesn’t help, by installing the Kik spying app on the mobile device of the person you want to keep safe, you can remotely watch entire threads of conversations on Kik.

  1. Read Kik Messages Remotely without Detection

Using XNspy, a mobile monitoring software designed specially to enable users to maintain stealth, you can read entire threads of conversations on a personal control panel. Once installed on the target mobile device, the app disappears, which makes it impossible to detect. If your target person is too clever and you fear he/she can detect you monitoring them, rest assured that this time, things would be different. You would not just be able to monitor conversations via Kik but will also get remote control of the target device.

  1. Compatibility of the Kik Spying App with Devices

One of the major concerns of people is whether or not, the app would work on the target device without hassle. Usually, when the target device is a non-jailbroken one, users of a monitoring app worry about jailbreaking. Jailbreaking a device makes it even more vulnerable to hacking and online threats. However, XNspy has a version designed for non-jailbroken devices, to ensure that users do not need to jailbreak it. It is compatible with the following:

  • It works on Android OS versions 2.3.x, 3.x., 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x
  • Compatible with jailbroken iOS OS versions 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, up to 9.0.2
  • Compatible with non-jailbroken iOS OS versions 6.xm, 7.x, up to 10.1.1
  • Users can monitor more than one device, but they must individually register each device
  1. Once Installed, Access Kik Data Remotely

You can access the control panel using the browser on your PC or mobile. You can go to the Kik app and click on the tab. This immediately loads the list of threads of conversations the target person has with different people. You can select different chats and read the discussion from your control panel. While you do this, the target person wouldn’t know. You can evaluate how twisted the person is by reading the discussions and conversations.

  1. Block Kik and Take Control

If you find the need to take stricter measures to protect a loved one, you can use the Kik spying app to block the installed Kik messenger. This would mean that the target person would get a message asking them to get permission from you before they can use Kik. In extreme cases, you can also lock the device and wipe off all data remotely.

As a parent, there may be more for you to know about Kik.  For more information, visit and read about the monitoring app. It offers other stealthy monitoring features that are helpful in today’s mobile age.

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