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(Last Updated On: December 10, 2016)

Ask me what are the requirements I need while choosing a best music utility tool on Windows ; I’d say great interface, ease of use, music file assistance and discover & download option. I’ve been searching for such tools for a while and I recently come across the KeepVid Music application. After trying that for a couple of hours, I never needed another tool to manage my music files.

Being an audiophile, I often explore music from various genres. Be it pop, EDM, rock or Hip Hop. I often find it difficult to download the files I like because of various reasons. KeepVid has become my savior in such scenarios. I could easily explore, organize and download the files I wished to be on my playlist. The interface is well built so that you can access it all the way down without any clutter.

Apart from the discover & download option, KeepVid Music is bundled with hell lot of features which I will be listing right after this paragraph. Meanwhile, you may visit the official website of KeepVid to find other tools you may like having.

KeepVid Music : Reasons how it Turned to be My Favorite Music Manager

  • The Fantastic Discover Feature


keepvid musicToo bored with your existing playlist? Update it with the Discover feature. Find the chartbusters or get music according to your mood. Access to your favorite artists, bulk download all the lists, playlist them, immerse in the audiophilia.

  • The Download Feature

keepvid musicAs I mentioned earlier, KeepVid Music lets you download music from major sites including YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Vimeo, Vevo and lots more. All you need is to open up a site inside KeepVid Music and it will automatically show the download option. You can also download the tracks with a variety of bitrate options. Never compromise on quality.

  • The Killer Record Feature

keepvid musicI often find this feature extremely useful when there’s no download option on a particular track. Simply play the track on your browser and start the record option. KeepVid Music does the rest. It captures almost all song that you find on the Internet and effectively filters out the unwanted ads or skips. How cool is that?

  • The RockSolid Organizer

KeepVid Music allows listing the downloaded files effectively so that you won’t find it confusing afterward. Make new playlists, edit file info, and do lots of things with it.

  • The Device Manager

keepvid musicBelieve me, iOS is a shit when it comes to file transfer. The main reason why I sold my old iPhone is because I couldn’t tolerate the with its ‘transferability’. KeepVid efficiently helps you manage your music files on your iOS devices including transferring between multiple devices (android<->iOS), backup and lots more. [You could have turned up much earlier bruh! I sold my iPhone.]

  • The ToolBox Feature

keepvid musicKeepVid never ceases to amaze me with its awesome features. Under the toolbox tab, you could possibly do anything under the sun! Well, kidding. You can rebuild the iTunes library, clean up the music lists, transfer iTunes to device, backup/restore iTunes, and remove DRM protection (shhhh…).

You may make a car playlist from your lists and burn a CD on it. Who cares? KeepVid Music is bundled with such options you’d never gonna see on the competitors.

Final Words…

Honestly, I liked this tool very much. I don’t often keep the apps I review much. Either because I install those only for the review purpose or I just don’t like them. But here, this tool has gained my appraisal and you’re gonna be long-term partner buddy.

Never ever miss such a tool. Try with its trial pack and I hope you’d purchase the full version right after a couple of minutes. You have multiple purchase options like 1-year single license, lifetime personal license and lifetime family license (my favorite). Let m know what you think about this tool via comments.


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