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Gone are those days, we’ve been getting increased speed in Jio by simply installing a routing application (VPNs) or changing the APNs. Day by day, more and more people are utilizing Jio services and the speed has been decreased dramatically. My personal experience with Jio insisted me to write this article, where I will be sharing tried and proven technique to fix slow speed issue in Jio in order to increase Jio Speed.

I know, there are hundreds and thousands of articles claiming to boost Jio speed up to X times and you’re fed up with all of them. I’ve got two Jio connections taken with Yureka plus and Redmi 3S Prime. I used to get 3-4MBps average till last week and suddenly the speed got reduced to a great extend. I could barely get 100KBps even downloading from Play Store. Hence I was in search of a working method to boost Jio speed after getting a tragic speed of KB per seconds.

boost jio speed working
Yureka: After Tweaking
increase jio speed
Redmi 3S : Default Speed

Believe me, the tricks you were trying to increase Jio speed doesn’t work for most of the people. The most commonly shared trick to boost Jio speed are either using a VPN or changing the access point names (APNs). On the contrary, changing the LTE bands seemed to be a more Scientifical method to boost Jio speed. I’m not explaining you the fundamentals about Jio LTE bands as you might already be having knowledge about that.

After I failed with all other tweaks to speed up my Jio connection, I finally decided to lock the LTE band on my Yureka Plus, which I use as a backup phone. I couldn’t succeed with the Shortcut Master app to find an Engineering Mode/Service Mode in my phone. So I had to manually lock the LTE band to 40 using adb commands. Following method is personally tested by me and it boosted my Jio speed exceptionally.

How to Change LTE Band to 40 to Speed up Jio Speed

The following method is somewhat complex yet I complied this article to help you achieve increased speed in Jio using a step-by-step manner. This method is tested by me before publishing and found 100% working. That’s why I didn’t post Tricks to Boost Jio Speed so far.

Requirements for Jio Slow Speed Fix

  • Rooted phone (qualcomm chipset)
  • USB cable
  • PC/Laptop
  • LTE bandlocker tools [Here]

Jio Slow Speed Fix : Lock LTE Band to 40 to Increase Jio Speed

  1. Download and extract the band locker tool from above link.
  2. Connect your android phone to PC.
  3. Install QPST and QXDM tools from the downloaded folder. (If you’re getting error while installing QPST, make sure you’ve installed vcredist package)jio speed boost
  4. Now open a command terminal inside the adb folder (hold shift and right click on an empty space)
  5. Check whether the phone is detected by typing “adb devices” command.increase jio speed
  6. Now execute all commands in the notepad (All Codes) one by one. Make sure you grant permission for accessing shell from the phone.
  7. After performing these commands, open QPST tool and you could see the device as shown below.boost jio speed lock lte band
  8. Minimise it and now open QXDM tool (search these in the windows search box). From there, under Options, choose Communications menu. You’d see something like this.lock lte band jio
  9. Under Target Post, choose the COMX (COM6,COM11 etc) and click OK.
  10. Choose NV Browser near View option. Under category filter, choose LTE and in the next screen, click on READ. lock band 40 jioincrease jio speed band40
  11. Click on Input and clear the default value. Now copy the numbers located in the txt file (54…….88) and paste it in the input column. After that click on WRITE and close all the windows. jio slow speed issue fix
  12. Disconnect your phone and reboot. After boot up, your phone will be locked to LTE 40 band and you will be getting maximum possible speed according to your area.

Increase Jio Speed : Updated Access Point Name Settings

Some of my friends were claiming that they got a new APN settings from the customer care, which could increase Jio speed. But I didn’t feel much difference after setting this updated APN. However, you may try this and let me know whether this settings helped you to increase Jio speed.

  • Edit the current APN settings in your phone with the following values.

Change the APN from ‘jionet‘ to ‘jiodata

Under ‘Bearer’ settings, tick all bearers instead of ‘Unspecified‘ option.


  • Backup the default value in the INPUT column for safety purposes.
  • If the phone is not detected in QPST tool, go to device manager and update your phone software drivers from there.
  • Though this process seems quite lengthy and complex, it only takes few minutes to perform if followed correctly.
  • TechBii will not be held responsible for any damages that may occur to the device by following this tutorial.
  • This tutorial is meant for phones with Qualcomm chipset and it won’t work with MTK devices. I don’t have an MTK device to perform the same.
  • I will be sharing a guide to lock band in MTK devices soon as soon as I get a device.

I’ve come across an interesting video about Jio, explaining the current scenario and technical aspects. Hope you like this video as well.

Video Source : Inspire2Rise

Hope you followed the tutorial and locked your LTE band to 40 to achieve maximum possible speed in your Jio connection. The speed varies with location and I recommend you find a place with better coverage to get brilliant speed in Jio. This Jio slow speed fix is tried and confirmed by me.

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