It’s Not Only About Luck:Powerful Top Tips For Gambling


In recent years, India has experienced a rapid rise in gambling activities, especially the online gambling industry, which is rapidly gaining more ground by the day. The value of the gambling industry is said to be about $1.1 billion in 2019, and future predictions state that the industry will witness a 3x growth in the next few years. However, the legitimacy of gambling in India is quite a confusing topic. Although the gambling culture in India is one of the most active in the entire world, when it comes to laws regarding gambling, there is quite a degree of vagueness that surrounds this activity in India.

Gambling in India is a state subject and that means individual states can put in place their various legislations regarding gambling, which brings about variation in gambling legislation across the country. The public gambling act of 1867 is India’s major gambling law, and it rules against any form of gambling in the country. However, the vagueness surrounding these regulations and the absence of definite legislation regarding gambling have permitted the bloom and increase of the online gambling industry in India. This growth is aided by offshore gambling sites operating in India, which the government can’t categorize as illegal.

Gambling is a game of risk. It involves risking a valuable item, primarily monetary, on an uncertain event with the hope of a favorable outcome. Although many people consider gambling a pure game of luck, research has shown that to a large extent; it is dependent on the gambler’s skills which are built mostly through experience. One has to learn specific techniques and strategies through patience and constant practice.

Being a good (skilled) gambler requires an extraordinary level of intelligence, patience, tolerance and self-control. It requires weighing the odds of each situation to decide how to proceed. Savvy players are always calculative of their moves and rational in their decisions. Even though most casino games are 100% random, it is not all down to luck.  The same relates to betting. For instance, you can’t just rely on sheer luck when you place a wager on a kabaddi game. You must study and understand the team you are putting your money on – their players, play mode, and past matches. You can read  kabaddi betting tips as well to get more about betting on this sport.

And here are five powerful tips for gambling that will increase your chances of winning:

1. Learn the rules of the game before playing

It would be ridiculous to place a gamble on a game that you have no idea how it’s working. You would not even know what your chances of winning are. A reputable gambling website such as Parimatch includes sections that explain the rules and game-play for most casino games. Also, free versions of these games are available where you can practice and learn how to play the games before playing them for real. You must have an excellent idea of how to play each game, what outcomes win and lose, how much you can bet, when you can bet, how to earn a bonus and how much you can cash out.

2. Do not gamble without a basic strategy

An effective way of playing a particular game is to have a basic strategy. You learn what to play, when to play and how. To have long-term success in gambling, one needs to develop proper techniques and skills and keep sharpening these skills by practicing.

In order to get better at gambling, regular practice is needed. Experienced gamblers use specific mathematical and statistical techniques that they have acquired over the years to predict how particular scenarios will impact the outcome of a game. Therefore, mastering the skills and strategies of gambling will help a long way in sharpening your skills and increasing your chances of winning,

3. Only gamble with money you can afford to lose

When gambling, you need to be wise enough not to use your savings or money meant for essential purposes such as a mortgage, loan or school fees to gamble. Only gamble with the money you can afford to lose, and avoid using money meant for important things.

A handy tip for beginners is to only play with their winnings. It is also essential that you draw out a budget and stick to it – this will help keep your losses under check and maximize your profits.

4. Do not gamble all your winnings

It is essential to always control yourself while gambling because it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and overspend. Self-control is a vital skill found only in successful gamblers. Not knowing when to stop gambling will always result in you losing everything you’ve got – even after winning a lot of money. Even when you are on a winning streak, always know when to take a break, so you don’t gamble away all your winnings.

It is also easy to lose focus and chase losses when you are on a losing streak. However, this will always negatively affect your state of mind and result in more losses.

5. Choose the right online gambling site

When you gamble on an illegitimate gambling site, it’s like playing in a system that is rigged against you. Sadly, many players want to gamble so badly that they’ll sign up on any site regardless of its reputation. Some may even be tempted by huge unrealistic bonuses and fall victims to these rogue online casino sites. Therefore, it is crucial to do some background checks on an online gambling site before signing up. Do you need a trustworthy site to play casino games? Parimatch is a licensed online casino company with over 28 years of outstanding customer service.


Gambling is a game of risk, and to an extent, it is dominated by luck. However, if you don’t want to leave your chance at winning to just luck, you have to earn and learn the skills from experience and practice. A site like Parimatch will provide you with a worthwhile gambling experience.

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