Is your business ready for the big switch off?


In 2025, BT Openreach will begin to favour VoIP voice servers and switch off its PSTN and ISDN networks. These systems are now out of date and the associated maintenance and running costs are deemed that too. Although the technology has been updated, these lines are essentially in the same setup and design as original phone lines of the 1800s.

With this in mind, it’s time to start putting together plans to ensure that your business is ready for the big switch off. 2025 will come around faster than you think!

Don’t renew your contract – explore other options

If your contract is coming to an end, it is worth exploring a new option now. Is it really worth renewing a contract on technology that will soon be out of date? It is better to move to a PSTN replacement now, rather than sticking with one that will soon be obsolete.

The specific requirements for your replacement system will depend primarily on the size of your business. Systems like VoIP are best suited to smaller businesses due to easy installation, whereas SIP would let you keep your existing phone system, so would be well suited to larger businesses, especially ones that have different branches and good IT support.

Are your systems compatible?

Take some time now to determine whether or not your existing PABX system is compatible with an IP voice server. Most newer systems will be, but if yours is older it will need replacing. LinkedIn suggests switching to a cloud based system, in order to save on the cost of an in-house system.

Consideration also needs to be given to the stability of your internet connection. A fibre connection is recommended as the best support to a VoIP, even in a small office. The larger the office, the more bandwidth it will take to support.

Choose the right supplier

There has been an explosion of VoIP services in recent years, bringing about a new market of suppliers. Do research into each one and make sure they can cater to all of your business needs. You also need to make sure that you have a quality data connection for uninterrupted calls, as well as quality of service guarantee.

Good VoIP suppliers will be able to take care of the porting process for you. They will manage the entire process of switching from ISDN to IP on your behalf, ensuring your business experiences no interruptions or loss of service during the changeover.

Although the Openreach PSTN/ISDN systems won’t reach the end of their life span until 2025, now is absolutely the right time to look into an alternative. Doing the hard work now means that you can find the right solution for your business needs and strategies. You can also migrate your services with minimal disruption. For an established business, moving communications to the cloud is the most flexible, cost-effective, and scalable solution. It’s time to look into a VoIP solution now!

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