Is Shopify Popularity Really Deserved?



Ecommerce is here and it will not go away. Period. Our civilization is so deep into it that for most of us it’s getting more and more difficult to imagine shopping without online stores. Shopify is a platform that’s very popular amongst digital retailers. But how do Shopify stores stand out from the crowd? What is their place in the global eCommerce market? Let’s find out.

Shopify stores and Shopify merchants

Shopify is an eCommerce platform, a set of digital solutions that seem to work very well on both sides: customers and merchants. The first side demands user-friendly interfaces, fast responses, and compatibility with a modern, highly digital way of life. Software engineers from Brand Active – they specialize in Shopify implementations – know this environment very well. These are mobile phones we’re talking about here, all shapes and sizes of them, with constant movement, ever-present online capacity with high-quality content that ALWAYS works smoothly. If something goes wrong in just one of these departments, modern consumers are very likely to ditch the online store and go somewhere else. A Shopify app store doesn’t suffer from this because… because people like to shop there. Shopify statistics say it loud and clear.

On the other hand, we have Shopify sellers. These are people that need comprehensive management systems to run their businesses. A custom-calibrated Shopify store can be very intuitive indeed. It allows merchants to create online sales, organize the workflow properly, add new products with ease, build relationships with their customers, and become satisfied Shopify customers themselves.

The implementation of the Shopify platform

How many Shopify stores are there? In 2021, there were more than a million, according to Shopify stats. And that’s a lot, considering the market share. What’s more, the implementation of this product is never exactly the same. When we look at examples of successful Shopify users that decided to cooperate with Brand Active development company, we can see that the whole building processes were highly individual. That most certainly helped to set a business on the right track of the market, and boost eCommerce sales rates.

All the above seems to confirm that Shopify’s popularity is well deserved indeed. The number of Shopify websites is growing faster and faster, and the platform is being constantly improved as well. It’s a good idea to track these developments, therefore often visits to the are more than recommended.

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