Real estate in Dubai is remarkable as each area has its peculiar feature and what it is known for. Sometimes tourists feel surprised when they realize only a few distinguishing factors exist. Some begin to name areas after the most crucial structure, center, or place around them. However, Damac Hills is one of those locations that are unique by itself, not for the Raddison hotel in the area, for the mall, or the Trump International Golf club; neither is it famous for any central iconic structure, it is loved for its originality, and you can find great property prices in Damac Hills. Read on to learn about the realty industry in Damac Hills, the things to do when you visit the area and an area guide on its best features.

Special features about Damac Hills

There are two Damac Hills sections. Developed by Damac Properties, the hills contain two units of housing.

Damac Hills 1

Since 2013, Damac Hills properties have been placing a smile on the faces of real estate seekers with its state-of-the-art self-contained apartments and friendly neighborhood. This set of properties is familiar in the market. They are also well-kept, neatly packaged, and spacious. It is sited in the heart of Dubai land and divided into three major neighborhoods, namely.

The Trump International Golf Club: the greenish coast of the Golf club is home to an eighteen-hole course and high-class luxury facilities that helps members settle in and feel the game.

Akoya Park: is home to several first-rate apartments with various bedroom options, beach-sized pools, quality walkways, and impressive outdoor designs. The Akoya mansions are one of the top locations to live in Damac Hills.

The Akoya Drive: this concept allows you to see some of the most remarkable sections of the town through the driveways. You will find the various skyscrapers, such as the Akoya oxygen, along your drive, and you can see almost all that the area has to offer on one trip around the city.

Damac Hills 2

This area was formerly known as Akoya and nicknamed the Damac Hills two. Some of the highlights of this area include:

The Golf Town: Damac Hills is known for the golf community and the myriad of opportunities to engage in games. You will find people of like minds around.

Kiara Damac Hills: This is one of the best places to live in the Hills. There are residential premises of different sizes and calibers and many large pools serving the community. It may interest you to find that some properties have private collections too.

Loreto Damac Hills: Finally, another prominent name in the area offering beautiful family-sized apartments and bungalows to people.

Is Damac Hills good for investment?

According to Emirates.Estate, Damac Hills is a good place for investment in Dubai. It is one of the prominent locations, and it has reputable realty options for residents and ex-pats. The central selling point for this area and why investors should consider it are:

Beautiful mansions and duplexes: This feature makes a living in the Damac Hills desirable. Of course, that level of desirability will improve the overall demand for real estate in the area and drive economic creation in the Hills.

Great Topography: Nothing beats the beach-like pools that decorate the Damac Hills. Although artificially created, it is one of the wonders of the city area and attracts lovers of aesthetics to the site.

Golfer’s hub: Lately, Damac Hills has received many golfers, and sometimes that number outweighs the numbers in Dubai Sports City. Being one of the golfer’s hubs in Dubai makes another great selling point for the Damac Hills.

High Returns and profits: You can expect to raise at least 6% of your ROI yearly, which is an impressive margin.


Therefore, weigh your investment options, and if you find an excellent offer on the Damac Hills, you can give it a shot. The developers have a good name, the properties are high class, and the area moves business and sells out when advertised. For more specific business advice, consult an estate agent in Dubai.