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One of the backbones of any kind of company is their marketing strategy. It is one of the key players in deciding whether a venture is successful or not. If your marketing strategy was successful, then you are now probably celebrating about your revenue. On the other hand, a failure might mean losing some money or closing the entire organization altogether.

Why Is Marketing So Important?

Marketing was once said to be one of the less useful parts of any organization because people cannot see the impact that they can give. They drive revenue to the organization by talking to the right people and informing the target market about your products and services. It just doesn’t end on the information though, as they can package it in a way that the masses would actually see some benefit by purchasing your products. Read more about this here.

Marketing has always been thought of as an activity that you need physical presence. For example, most ads before were usually made from paper like flyers. Billboards and ad spaces also became a lucrative business once the skyscrapers started rising in many cities. Marketing tactics for radio and television were also developed by bigger companies who can afford such services. The more people tuning in or watching a specific program or timeslot, the more expensive it can be.

However, we are living in a fast-changing world. Most people especially in urban areas hardly ever listen to radio anymore. TV stations are also getting worried as their average viewership decreases year after year. This is the effect of the ever-increasing internet usage of the general population.

As the people moved to another medium for entertainment and education, many companies started realizing that they need to move there as well. What’s the point of a multimillion 30 second advertisement on TV when you can reach a wider audience in just a few clicks? However, it doesn’t stop them from spending all of it. Here are some great examples:

This is also why the internet is also the chosen medium of any person in the world right now. You have so much content right at your fingertips and most of it is for free. There is also the issue of accessibility, as not everyone before can have a TV or radio. Now, everybody has an internet connection. Even most appliances are transitioning to Wi-Fi ready technology. This is also why TV and radio these days have their own websites to create new content even without their prior media.

What Is PPC?

One of the strategies that stemmed out of this so-called internet age is PPC or pay-per-click marketing. This is taking advantage of search engine optimization if you are familiar with that. However, instead of doing it on your own, you can use the search engine itself in order to advertise your products and services. You will be on top of any search engine’s page one and each potential customer will be charged by the search engine developers. However, as many SEO experts know, getting on top of that search page is not that easy. There are a lot of things that you need to keep track which is why some companies hire marketing experts like ADV Marketing to help them with this venture.

What does it take to get on that page? Well, it really depends on the search engine. One of the most used search engines these days is Google, and they offer their Google Ads program to those who want to advertise using their platform. The main focus of Google is to increase and retain the search engines’ users. This is why they also want to have the best ads on their page.

Google Ads have two primary deciding factors on which they would choose which ad they will feature on their website. These are the CPC Bid (the amount you want to spend) and Quality Score (the combinations of many other factors like your products’ relevance). As Google filters through all these bids, other factors might also come into play like the content of ads and keywords used. After all, they want to maintain their users as well, so they want the most relevant and highly sought-after ads on their “front page”.

PPC marketing is great for both large companies and smaller businesses because:

  • It Is More Affordable Than Your Standard Marketing Tools And Strategies

Don’t get us wrong, it will still require you some money to be able to use this strategy. However, if you win the bidding war with your chosen search engine, the returns can actually be far greater than you could spend. Most companies who gamble on millions worth of TV advertisement would probably have to break even to consider the strategy as “not a failure”. On the other hand, PPC marketing’s cost will be counted depending on the number of clicks. Most of these clicks would actually buy your product because they clicked on the ad in the first place. If you think about it, the returns are potentially greater compared to a classic marketing method.

  • It Can Easily Increase Your Customers

For starting businesses, they would usually turn to PPC when it comes to digital marketing because of the costs. However, this strategy also increases your presence in the market. As long as you use the proper keywords, you can be sure that people will actually notice your company once they do a search. If they use your keywords, your website might also be the first thing that they see right after they click “search”. This, in turn, can potentially increase your customers. You can also put in “negative keywords” which would prohibit your ad from appearing once these keywords are used. Learn more about the importance of keywords here.

PPC marketing might be a bit more complicated than your standard marketing strategy, but there is a reason why most companies are using it these days. Search engines also take advantage of this service because it can improve their own processes as well. The customers will also gain a benefit since they can easily find what they are looking for once they use the search engine. It is a triple win situation for all parties involved.

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