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iPhone Projectors, from Pocket Sized to Table Top Models: A Comparison

iPhone projectors essentially work as expansion units for your iPhone and its unfortunately tiny video screen, allowing you to project much larger interactive images onto another flat white surface.  The basic design of pocket models involves a small electronics filled sleeve that the phone slides into and connects to. The sleeve can then be laid down on a flat surface at an upwards angle and project the iPhones photo or video images onto a nearby vertical surface through its lens. Larger models closely resemble a classical photo slide projector, but are designed for purely digital visual displays.

Most iPhone pocket projectors are great for all sorts of impromptu or basic video viewing needs. However, picture quality is far from comparable to that of a true large Lamp projector. Furthermore, they can only show video and photo quality that is as good as that provided by the iPhone itself, which, while not bad, is also below par for some needs.

Those issues aside, for home viewing of videos and photos on something much bigger than the tiny screen of an iPhone, they are a useful solution.

There are several major brands available on the market of varying prices and quality ratings. Let’s take a look at some of them and compare products.

Pocket iPhone Projectors

  • Brookstone Pocket 4 and 4S Projector for iPhone

Priced at roughly $200 USD and up, the Brookstone Pocket Projector is a small but effective solution for most users. This little device is just big enough to be squeezed into a normal pocket, and can be used to project fairly detailed images onto any surface. Its 15 lumen LED lens can transmit an image or video of 640×360 pixels into a 50 inch dimension projection size.  The Brookstone Pocket projector also has its own built-in charger that can give your iPhone some extra juice.

The Brookstone projector is also very easy to use. You simply plug it into an iPhone and turn it on. Those are the only steps. Your iPhone 4 will automatically start projecting if you open a video or photo app.

  • Sanwa iPhone 4 Projector

At $260 USD, the Sanwa projector is a bit more expensive than the Brookstone model, although it looks nearly identical. The people at this relatively unknown Japanese company have created a small, very portable, but very powerful device that can transmit images with a 640×360 pixel resolution at a 1000:1 contrast ratio. Maximum decent projection size is around 65 inches.

Another useful feature of this 3.5 ounce mini projector is the built in speakers that help augment the existing sound quality you’d get with your own iPhone. The battery life runs at about 2.5 hours and can be recharged in just under 5 hours.

Portable iPhone Projectors

Moving away from pocket sized iPhone projectors; we have portable devices designed for more professional needs that require clearer picture and sound quality. However, they also come at a much higher price tag and less portability than their pocket sized counterparts.

  • BenQ Joybee GP2

The BenQ Joybee portable projector is an ideal solution for digital displays at meetings in small spaces, home video watching and showing photo collections. This portable projector ranges in price from $499 to $510 USD, but offers quite a few features for the money.

The BenQ iPhone projector has ports for iPhones, iPod touches, HDMI and even has an SD card slot built in. The GP2 works with a DLP chip and can give up to 30,000 hours of illumination with its 200 lumens worth of LED lights. This makes it enormously more powerful than any pocket projector, and ideal for high clarity projections. The Joybee GP2 projector has been known to have troubles with Video and Audio date transmission from time to time.

  • Acer K330 Portable Projector

Weighing in at $600 USD, the Acer K330 iPhone Projector is the most expensive model on this list. While similar to a Palm top projector like the BenQ Joybee, the Acer K330 is slightly larger, bulkier and more packed with certain features. One of these is its considerably brighter resolution. This iPhone projector is very useful for business meeting displaying, home movie watching and even game playing. Resolution sits at 1280 x 800 pixels and its LED array is rated at 500 lumens, more than double that of many other LED palm top projectors.

The Acer K330 weight 2.9 pounds and comes with ports for VGA, HDMI composite video, SD sticks and USB cables. It can read as many as 20 different file formats, including Word files, PDF’s, and various types of video, image and audio files. Video quality in the Acer K330 is not up to par for full home theater settings, but will work just fine for casual use and business meetings.

These are just some of the models out there on the market. Depending on your needs and budget, you are sure to find one that fits the bill.

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