The Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 is in the news for quite some time now and there is a lot said and heard about this new iPhone. There are quite a few things that have been revealed about the phone in last few months and, with only a month or so left in its release, we have been able to confirm quite a lot of things about Apple’s Flagship iPhone. Let’s get into the details straight away without wasting any time at all.

iphone 8 design

Here is what the new iPhone 8 from Apple is going to be like and what features it can have.

  • iPhone 8 Is Expected To Come With Wireless Charging Support

iPhone 8 Wireless Charger

Among the few things that have been revealed about the upcoming iPhone 8, there have been hints that the new iPhone will be coming with Wireless Charging support. With a typical sound file found in iOS 11 code and a different icon for the battery widget, it seems that Apple is up to changing the way iPhone could be charged.

  • Apple Is Bringing A New Virtual Home Button

Apple Is Bringing A New Virtual Home Button

Yes, this thing is now confirmed. In a recent leak that was pushed by Apple unintentionally, the developers were able to locate something in the code that suggested the device will not have a home button as it normally had. Instead, it referred to “Home Indicator” which could be your virtual home button that will appear on screen whenever the need is and will not stay there forever.

  • Apple Is Coming Up With A Novel “Facial Recognition Feature” Called “Pearl ID”

Apple Is Coming Up With A Novel “Facial Recognition Feature” Called “Pearl ID”

Yes, Apple has decided to take your security to the next level with its Facial Recognition system that it refers to as “Pearl ID”. The design of the new iPhone 8 that is circulating on the internet features a cut-out towards the top and it appears that’s exactly where the facial-recognition camera will be put in. The feature will use an infrared camera to bring unparalleled facial recognition features to the iPhones. These depth-sensing cameras will be smart enough and they can’t be fooled with photographs either. So, just wait and let Apple reveal its Flagship iPhone to be able to determine how this new feature is going to work.

  • Apple Plans On Taking Augmented Reality To The Next Level

The Augmented Reality platform from Apple is already one of the best and Apple plans on bringing it to the iPhones with its upcoming release. There are rumours that the iPhone 8 will be coming with 3D laser system towards its back to offer advanced features when it comes to depth detection. Though not many pieces of evidence have been found about the rear-facing sensor but the infrared front-cam will be expected to contribute to the AR experience on the new iPhone.

  • The New iPhone Is Not Coming Alone

iphone 8 variants

Yes, that’s probably become quite obvious now as there has been a lot of talk about this. In lots of news breaks, it has been said that Apple will be releasing a bunch of 3 new iPhones this September. The flagship iPhone will be accompanied by iPhone 7S and an iPhone 7S plus. The design for the S series iPhones will remain same for the most part and all the major changes in terms of design and functionality will be featured in the iPhone 8.

So, it’s just the matter of a few days now and the upcoming iPhones will be around by the mid of September. There is a lot being said about them and all eyes are now on the September release. Just stay tuned and keep coming back to find out more about upcoming iPhone 8 and everything else that Apple plans on releasing this September.

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