Over the past few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been growing exponentially, and 2019 isn’t an exception. Many construction firms are investing in IoT solutions to leverage technological innovations in the real estate sector.

IoT technology allows construction firms to capture accurate data from tools, equipment, and workers in a construction site. As IoT provides real-time information regarding all project operations, it can improve the efficiency and management of the project.

IoT has the potential to provide remote visibility of every equipment used, identification of the operators, location of workers, and safety notifications. For that reason, it can help construction managers or contractors to make informed decisions.

5 Trends to Look Out For in 2019

Looking forward, 2019 will register the highest rate of adoption of IoT in the construction industry. Here are the technology trends that will shape construction processes in 2019.

1. Embedment of IoT across a Project’s Lifecycle

IoT-based technology practically took roots in the construction industry in 2018. In 2019, contractors are expected to continue using technology to collect automatic data from building resources like tools, equipment, and workers in a construction site.

With new IoT-based sensors that can enrich the quality of data collection, most construction firms will expand their data utilization for real-time supervision and control of projects. The widespread usage of IoT in data collection will allow construction firms to adopt analytics tools for visual data.

The construction industry will also embed the IoT technology in the security systems of a construction site to gain maximum protection and control. That will help contractors tackle security concerns in construction sites and improve efficiency.

2. IoT Will Support Big Data

Achieving a better insight into big data was quite unsatisfactory in 2018. Studies show that 90% of the world’s data was generated that year, but only 1% was used effectively. For that reason, IoT is expected to improve data handling in the construction industry in 2019.

As construction processes generate vast amounts of data, construction companies will further invest in IoT in 2019 to improve their data collection systems. The IoT technology will help construction firms to gain better insight into big data through analytics tools.

Hiring data specialists alongside IoT technology solutions will ensure timely data insights to make real-time decisions. Integrating new data techniques in construction will advance digitization in the industry.

3. IoT Will Empower Workers, Not Replace Them

Despite technology becoming increasingly popular in the construction sector, and many processes are getting automated, humans will continue constructing buildings. The use of IoT technology on site will promote the safety of workers and improve efficiency.

In 2019, the IoT technology will not replace workers but empower them by establishing a conducive environment to perform tasks better. Construction managers will continue to invest in technologies that will enhance worker productivity.

Where there is a shortage of skilled workers, construction firms will invest in technology, including IoT, to implement projects using limited resources available. They will also employ more workers and train them on how to use the latest technologies.

4. Adoption of IoT by Insurance Companies

The use of advanced technology has transformed the construction industry, especially in data handling. In 2019, many insurance companies are expected to adopt data analytics and IoT technology to manage and mitigate risks effectively.

Construction technologies like wearables promote the safety of workers and reduce the number of on-site injuries and fatalities. The devices promote effective communication between workers and help contractors to respond promptly to emergencies.

As IoT is a powerful tool to manage risks in a construction site, more insurance firms will embrace this technology to offer the best services to clients. That will reduce the number of unnecessary losses in construction sites. Expect to see insurance firms partnering with technology service providers to create a safer working environment.

5. Digitization of Assets in Buildings

The use of IoT technology has revolutionized the construction industry following its use in building smart buildings. The application of IoT technology in construction will rise in 2019 as many companies are planning to adopt it.

IoT provides deep insights into a building’s consumables, including electric consumption and water usage. It achieves that by monitoring the operational status of building assets such as cooling towers and chillers.

The IoT technology can capture real-time data of every digitized HVAC asset in a building, including temperatures, flow rates, energy consumption, fan speed, and many others. If installed in the whole building, IoT will digitize all the operations of integrated assets.

Final Words

For the past few years, construction firms have integrated IoT into their systems, and we expect to see more companies doing the same in 2019. The IoT technology is proactively transforming the production processes in the construction industry.

IoT has benefitted the construction industry in numerous ways. From empowering workers to promoting their safety to handling vast amounts of data, read this blog post to learn how contractors use IoT to win projects.



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