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iOS 12 was launched with the launch of iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR earlier this year. The iPhones newer than iPhone 5 (excluding iPhone 5) are all compatible with iOS 12. Every new update in iOS proves to be making the user experience better, and so did iOS 12. So if after reading this article you find out that your iPhone is not compatible with iOS 12, then sell your iPhone to a phone recycling platform to get instant cash that would help you in buying a newer and compatible model.

Some of the remarkable improvements that Apple included in its latest iOS 12 are:

1. Performance:

iOS 12 proves to be a speed booster for your iPhone. Apple took the speed of the iPhones under consideration while developing this new update in iOS. In your iPhones, you can observe much faster experience while performing different tasks.

The most common problems in the previous versions of iOS were; launching the camera seemed to be quite slow, keypad usage had a slower response rate and also when you try to multitask on your iPhones, their processing speeds used to become much slower.

All of these concerns of the users were taken under consideration while developing this update, and now in iOS 12, you can observe faster processing speeds while launching the camera, using the keypad and also while multitasking on your iPhone.

You can try these improvements by swiping left for launching the camera of your iPhone (Apple claims that this swipe for launching the camera is now 70% faster) and you can also check the keypad launching speed just by launching the keypad while texting (Apple claims that the keyboard display is now 50% faster)

2. FaceTime:

If you are a frequent user of FaceTime, then this improvement is the one that you will love the most. You can now FaceTime with 32 people simultaneously in one call. How amazing is that! Now you can group video call all of your friends and feel if you all are at the same place. Or you can also use it for official purposes; for making a conference call for a meeting.

The best thing is that the tab of the person who is talking automatically turns bigger than the others, making the conversion more effective and meaningful.

To try out this feature, you can directly FaceTime through a group thread in messages, or you can open the FaceTime application on your iPhone to make a group FaceTime. Moreover, if your friends forget to add you to the group FaceTime in the first place, you can easily join an active thread any time later.

3. Automatic Updates:

Yes, Apple finally introduced the option to select an auto-update in the software update tab. Now you don’t have to check for the updates manually on your iPhones by going in the settings application. The software updates would automatically download on your iPhone, although you would have to accept the terms and conditions of Apple before installing the update. Moreover, Apple still has the rule of having a minimum amount of battery for the update to install.

For the ease of users, this option is activated by default. If you don’t want this option to be activated, you can easily go to the settings application and turn it off.

4. Screen time:

This is one the most amazing feature added to iOS. You can now track your iPhone’s usage! Screen time maintains a record on how much time you or your family has spent on a certain application. This feature helps you check your daily productivity and how much time you have wasted on a certain app.

You can easily set limits for different applications through ‘Apps Limits’ option. Or you can use the option ‘Downtime’ to make certain apps deactivated at a certain time frame of the day. So you might not get distracted by the applications on your iPhone anymore.

5. Virtual Trackpad:

This option is now available for every iPhone and iPad. Through this feature, your typing efficiency can enhance much. Now you won’t have to tap on the screen to adjust the cursor at a specific place of the text. Earlier, this was one the biggest yet a basic problem that iPhone users have to bear while editing a piece of content.

To use the trackpad; press and hold the spacebar on the keypad. Once the letters on the keys of keypad disappear, you can easily adjust the cursor where you want it to be.

6. Group Notifications:

Now you won’t have to bear with a clutter of group notification in your drop down bar or on your lock screen. The new iOS 12 makes groups of notifications by the same application or same message thread. To see the notifications separately, you can simply expand the group notifications to see each of them separately.

7. Song Search:

If you cannot remember the name of the song you are looking for, you don’t have to worry anymore. Now you can easily search the song in Apple Music by simply typing down the lyrics of the song that you remember and press search. Apple Music would find the song for you with the help of its lyrics!

8. Songs By Artist:

This is another update for the music lovers! Now, when you search for your favourite artist on Apple Music, you may find a new play button, if you tap that play button, the songs by that artist would shuffle and then play back-to-back for you.

9. Do not Disturb:

In this version of iOS, the do not disturb mode is also upgraded for the ease of the users. Now you won’t have to set the time for this mode to be activated and you also won’t have to enable and disable it manually.

For this, use the 3D touch and long press the do not disturb icon from the control panel. Another tab would be opened, giving you several options to choose from, including; for 1 hour, until this evening, until I leave this location, etc. You can select any of these options according to your preference. The option ‘until I leave this location’ is very much useful as you can set it on if you are going for an important meeting or an interview. Your iPhone wouldn’t disturb you only until you leave the specific place when the important meeting is over.

10. Dim Lock Screen:

This is one of the features that won’t disturb you at night; when you suddenly wake up and look at your iPhone. You can dim the light of your iPhone during bedtime using the do not disturb option. You would just have to enable the bedtime toggle, and you won’t be disturbed anymore at the night!

These are the 10 remarkable features that the latest iOS version has to offer. There are many other features as well, but these ones list at the top. If you don’t have an iPhone that is compatible with iOS 12, then don’t miss out on these features and sell iPhone to buy a newer/compatible model.

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