How To Get Bixby on Any Samsung Phone Running on Nougat


Before the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8, there was quite a huge expectation on Bixby, Samsung’s new and completely revamped Digital Assistant. And people had good reason too!

Bixby is the first digital assistant which could understand the context of any request or order you bark at it. For example, if you have the gallery open and call up Bixby and ask it to upload “the ones you took last week to Google Drive”, Bixby would be able to understand that you are talking your images and videos.install bixby on any samsung phone

However all the hype and speculations on Bixby, soon died down with the release of Galaxy S8 because it supported only English language and just a handful of apps. But now, after this passage of time, Bixby has overcome most of its shortcomings and it seems that the Virtual Assistant is on its back to challenge the top dogs i.e, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri.

So, it is understandable if you want it but do not want to shell out the amount of price needed for the S8. But there’s a good news for you all! If you have a Samsung phone that runs on Android Nougat, then you can have and use Bixby too! All you need, is to follow the few simple steps detailed below!

First, you need to Prepare your Phone

  1. Download the Samsung Experience launcher from this link.
  2. Delete your stock launcher, that is TouchWiz’s Home Data and cache from the settings menu
  3. Finally install the file that you downloaded from the above link. If by any chance, the Samsung Experience Launcher crashes, just repeat process number 2 again.
  4. Now that it is installed press and hold the home button to open the new launcher and you shall be over with preparing your phone for the installation of Bixby.

Now, to get Bixby,

  1. First download the file containing Bixby through this link. Here’s another link, should the first one not work. However, I have checked both the links and they work pretty well.
  2. Press and hold the home button to open the Samsung Experience launcher if you haven’t yet followed the step 4 in the previous set of instructions.
  3. Now long press the home screen and you will find the option to activate Bixby. Confirm it and restart your phone.
  4. Just swipe to the left most portion of your home screen where Bixby Home is located.

You can easily operate Bixby from there. It will also contain important information on your most used widgets, news, feeds from apps and/or websites you visit and more.

And that’s all there is it. No root required! Nothing to tamper your phone’s warranty either! Just follow these simple steps and have fun with Bixby!

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