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How to Install 3rd Party Themes in MIUI 7/8

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2016)

Have you ever come across “Themes from third party sources not supported” error while installing 3rd party themes on your MIUI 7/8 device? Here’s the possible fix which I personally tried and found working without much fuss. You might have known that MIUI verifies the credentials of the external apps while installing and the associated Mi account needs to have higher privileges to enable access to such apps.

I recently happened to see an awesome MIUI theme (Hybrid V8 – which sports the interfaces of MIUI, iOS and CM) but stuck at the installation process because it returned ‘Themes from third party sources not supported’ error. The theme was not listed in the MIUI theme store and the offline theme upload function prevents the theme from installing after the verification with Mi account.

In this tutorial, I will guide you install any 3rd party external themes on your MIUI device irrespective of the MIUI version. I tried this method on both MIUI 7 & 8 on my Redmi 3S Prime and it works flawlessly. Let’s see how you can make use of the offline theme upload option and get rid of the themes from 3rd party not supported error.

How to Install External (3rd party) Themes on MIUI 7/8 Devices

  1. Go to the official Xiaomi Designer page and log in with your Mi account.
  2. On the next window, choose the Individual designer option.
  3. Fill the form with your personal data and submit it for their review.
  4. Within few hours, the Mi team will verify your account and you’d see something like this in your mail.install 3rd party theme miui
  5. Now download any external MIUI theme and upload it with the offline theme uploader.
  6. The Mi account will be verified and you will be granted to install 3rd party themes on your MIUI devices.

You just learned how to install & apply 3rd party themes in MIUI 7/8. You no longer be getting the themes from 3rd party not supported error while applying paid and external themes on your MIUI device. If you’re having confusion on How to Install External (3rd party) Themes on MIUI 7/8 Devices, let’s know via comments.


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