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Last updated on May 5th, 2021 at 10:49 am

Recently, Instagram has launched IGTV that allow their users to upload long-form videos. Users can access Instagram TV within the main Instagram app or use its standalone app as well. It allows you to upload vertical videos that can be easily created and consume using the smartphone. The social media experts are considered it a big thing from Instagram with its billion users milestone.


Here, you can search, view, and share videos and even continue watching videos where you left the video earlier. You can also flip the channels like actual television by swiping the screen right or left to navigate through videos when you start viewing the videos. It is a brand new feature and most people don’t know how to use it or how does it work. Here we will try to give the answers to the most popular FAQs. Let’s get into it!

What exactly is Instagram TV?

IGTV is a video-based app that supports long-form vertical format videos. Although it is launched as a separate app you can also access it within the standard Instagram app which means you don’t need to download its standalone app to get all features. But in long term, the separate app of IGTV would be better to use.

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How is it different from other video apps and services?

Essentially, IGTV is a new platform that has the spark to compete for the major video sharing platforms like YouTube. Here, users can upload a full-screen video of vertical format and the length of those videos can be from 15 sec to up to one hour long.

But the 60-minute long video is for the selected creator who has a verified account while other creators can upload up to 10 minutes of video on IGTV. This app is super easy to navigate and you can use your mobile for making videos instead of expensive equipment.

Can I create my own channel on IGTV?

Yes, you can create your own Channel on IGTV. In fact, anyone can be a creator on Instagram TV. All you need to hit on your profile picture and select create my channel. Now, give a suitable name to your newly created channel and you’re done.

How are IGTV videos different from Instagram Stories or main Instagram videos?

Most people want to know that how IGTV videos are different from other ways to post videos on this image-based app Instagram. For newbies, you can post 15-second videos and Instagram stories on Instagram.

Instagram stories are content that you post quickly and you don’t want it to stay longer. While a 15-second video limit was not enough to express your thoughts, so IGTV is the best way to flesh out series and express yourself on this billion visually driven people’s social platform.

Can I make money by posting videos on IGTV?

Instagram TV is not offering ad features in this app. But it is expected that once the platform grows, you can get money for your efforts as well as real and active Instagram followers.

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