5 Insightful Outbound Marketing Examples


The U.S. Small Business Administration recommends that businesses allocate between 7-8% of their budget for advertising. A robust marketing strategy is essential for lead generation to ramp up your business profitability.

Keep reading to learn more about outbound marketing examples and building an effective marketing strategy.

1. Robust Email Program

One of the most inexpensive and effective marketing techniques is email marketing. An outbound marketing email is an email that your company sends out that is not requested by a potential client.

By using the best inbound marketing tools and outbound marketing tactics, you can amplify your business’ reach. In these instances, the advertiser has often borrowed a list to gather leads. Businesses send these emails to establish a connection with people who are identified as potential customers.

2. Get Up on Search

Search advertising is also known as google advertising. This marketing technique helps you grow your business visibility by placing your advertisements in search engine results. Search engines are an amazing way to boost lead generation numbers and get your brand’s name out there.

Search campaigns allow you to place ads on Google and other search engines. By submitting a procreated list of keywords you can connect with leads who are looking for similar products or services.

Search thrives as a method of advertising because it lets you proactively connect to your base. Search advertisements only appear when someone is intentionally looking for your product or service. In contrast, display ads are also hosted on search engines like Google but are paid advertisements that appear due to intentional targeting parameters.

3. Launch Social Media Ads

Social media ads are a staple of outbound marketing. In such a digital age, social media captures a lot of consumers’ attention. Social media reigns as the chief method of marketing amongst millennials and generation Z. In fact, data has shown that advertisements placed on YouTube are 84% more likely to receive attention than traditional TV advertisements.

Social Media advertising is a form of digital advertising that utilizes social media platforms to deliver your paid ads to a target audience. These advertisements are delivered to audiences based on their geographic location, similar interests, or other characteristics. The ability to narrow your audience can help you improve your advertisement’s engagement rate.

Advertisements on social media also are affordable. Social media advertisers rarely place a minimum on the amount you can place, so even small businesses with a small advertising budget can leverage social media to boost their impact.

4. Personalize Content Through Automation

Massive email campaigns and cold calls are often ineffective without personalization. Automation features will let you fill in the recipient’s name throughout email and phone calls. By using sophisticated technology to section off parts of your contact list and automate the user’s name throughout your emails and calls, you can make your content more impactful.

5. Conduct Organic Outreach Via Social Media

Social media is a tool that brands can use to gain traction amongst their target audience. By boosting organic social posts and engaging with users on social media, brands can help draw people into their businesses.

Advertising is largely a digital construct, however by attending tradeshows and events you can network and organically grow your business. This is a great way to make strategic partnerships for your brand and develop evocative content for your social media accounts.

Utilize the Best Outbound Marketing Examples for Your Brand

Outbound marketing is essential for any business to grow and become more profitable. By using these outbound marketing examples, you can boost your brand’s online presence and bring in a new clientele.

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