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Ingramer Review: Boost your Instagram Performance

Instagram is a popular social network which was launched as a photo-sharing platform. It’s currently the most used Social Network with over a billion daily users. Instagram has become the best choice of Digital Marketers to marketize their clients’ products on the platform. To gain a good number of followers to boost your Instagram post, here’s your personal Instagram Assistant, Ingramer.

What’s is Ingramer?

Ingramer is nothing but an Instagram automation tool which is designed to give you real-time followers on Instagram. This advanced auto-bot helps the Instagram users in many ways as it is packed with a number of useful features or we can say, tools that let you gain real Instagram followers, likes, comments etc.

You don’t need to limit yourself if you make use of Instagram as your primary platform for promoting products. You can simply opt for Ingramer’s to grow your Instagram Community rapidly. This is one of the best Instagram Automation tools available on the market for a variety of reasons.

How does this platform work?

Ingramer is an automation tool which needs no manual tasks to be done. This automation tool works itself and gives you the best of the environment to grow your community like never before.

Ingramer is a third-party tool which needs access to your Instagram’s account. The first thing you need to do to get started with this platform is, go to the Ingramer’s official webpage where you will be asked to sign up for this platform. You have to first register yourself to the platform to use its services.

Go to the Signup page, enter the required details and create your Ingramer account. The process takes a couple of minutes and you will have your own Ingramer account.

Once you signed up, you will be asked to enter your Instagram’s login credentials. This is mandatory as this platform requires your account’s access to give you the real followers, likes, comments etc. on your posts and profile.

The platform will present you your personal Ingramer profile with all the details. You can start your first campaign by using the available tools on the platform. You will see the growth of your followers and whatever you have selected in real time with proper graphs. You can view your previous campaigns by visiting your profile from the upper right corner.

Ingramer tool is designed with special algorithms which keep your account secure. Your account will not get banned even after using this automation tool. It is 100% secured platform and you will not have to face any troubles after using it for Instagram likes, followers, comments on the posts etc.

Here, we have listed down all the useful features or tools of this platform. Go through the list of its features to know more about this platform and its functionality.

Ingramer: Key Features

  1. Auto Likes

Ingramer’s most effective feature is Auto Likes. As the name suggests, this feature lets you give and get real Instagram likes on your profile or posts. When you receive real Instagram likes, more real people will start following your profile. So basically, you will also get a number of followers by using this Auto Likes features.

  1. Auto Follow/ Unfollow

If you want to grow your profile’s followers, you can make use of this feature. If you find that there are many unwanted followers on your profile, you can use the Unfollow feature. This feature will automatically follow or unfollow profiles from your existing account.

You will also be presented with a list of profiles to follow or unfollow. You just need to select the right option from the dashboard of your account.


This feature gives you comments of real Instagram users in no time. You will get continuous comments on your post when you use this feature.

  1. Scheduled Posting

This feature lets you schedule your future posts. You can simply make use of this feature to post on your Instagram’s Feed automatically. You don’t need to manually post things, just set it up with Scheduled posting and you will be good to go with it.

  1. Direct Messages

If you really want to promote something from your Instagram profile, then this feature will help you out. Direct Messages let you send direct messages to your followers in bulk. You just need to compose a message and add recipients’ profile names to the box to send the message in bulk.

  1. Extra Power tools

Additionally, the platform has got plenty of other advanced tools which are there to monetize your Instagram profile. You can check the growth on your profile or can review the details of the selected campaigns using these built-in tools.

Ingramer: Pros

  • Works automatically for you
  • Lets you set up things as per your requirements
  • Follows Instagram’s policy

Final Words:

Ingramer is an advanced Instagram Auto-bot which is designed for the marketers and promoters to promote their profile or products effectively. This is undoubtedly the best automation tool which works just fine under Instagram’s Policy. It’s a good tool to help you with your basic requirements on the Instagram platform.

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