Information To Tell The Recruitment Agency That Will Look For Your Office Manager Applicants


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Are you planning to seek the agency’s help to find the best professional to fill in the office manager role you currently need? If so, you are making the right decision, as this offers convenience and as well as assurance that the person you will hire is the best and most suitable for this role. Moving on, the office manager’s role is very important, some of the roles under their responsibilities are:

  • Ensuring business operations are running smoothly
  • Creating effective and efficient processes for the business
  • Ensuring that the new processes implemented by the company are cascaded properly and followed by all employees under his/her supervision

Office managers play a huge role in helping the company succeed with its goals. Hence, it is only fair if you make sure that when this position is opened in your company, you find the best candidate to hire. The good news is, you do not need to worry anymore when your best office manager-employee decides to leave, as there are many office manager recruitment agencies that can guarantee you that the next person to fill in the shoes of your resigning employee is equally good or even better.

Needless to say, even with how trustworthy the agency is, if you fail to do your share and provide them with the information they need, you won’t be able to spot the best office manager to hire.

There is so much vital information you need to provide the recruitment agency for them to be able to find the best candidates to recommend for your opening post. Just to provide you with a few of this information, you can consider the following:

Job description

You have to tell the agency about the office manager’s job description. Every company has different expectations from its office manager. Sure, there are some common tasks, but needless to say, it still helps if you provide the recruiter with the job description of the office manager specific to your company or business.

As much as you want to be satisfied with the usual or general job description expected for this position, you definitely want a manager that can work exactly as you expect them to.

Your requirements

What do you want from your office manager? Sure, the recruiters are the experts in terms of assessing the best candidate for the role, but as the business owner, you have all the right to set the requirements suitable to your standards. Do you want an applicant that has been in the office management role for 2, 3, or more years? Do you require a specific education attainment?

You have to be as specific as possible with your requirements so the recruiters can find exactly what you are looking for.

Salary and benefits to offer

Letting the recruiters aware of the salary package you are planning to give the successful candidate is also a good idea. This information can help them set the expectations of the applicants and also, can be used as a tool to encourage the applicants to pursue their application with your company.

You may want to include on the salary package other benefits that not all companies offer, such as car plan, retirement plan, etc.

When do you need the position to be filled

You also have to let the recruiters know when you need the employee on board. Do you need the employee urgently, after a month, or so? Telling this to the recruiter can help them in finding the best applicant most suitable for the role, especially since some applicants are not always available immediately.

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