Thirty gamers were nabbed this weekend as police mounted an anti-gaming effort during Diwali celebrations in Nagaon, Dhubri, and Kamrup regions.


On Saturday, police arrested six players with colossal betting instruments in Kamrup’s Chaygaon territory. Betting here thrives during Diwali. Three of these were captured before, while two were captured from Palashbari.

Diwali, the Indian celebration of lights on November 14, was a massive event for gamers. As several states have tightened measures against unlicensed betting, many Indians went on to the web to get their betting fix live without getting arrested or contracting COVID 19.

Police say that Guwahati’s illegal betting cases started increasing even before the start of Lakhmi Puja, the five-day celebration that precedes Diwali. However, the police struggle to get results on this because of troublesome terrains. “The activity in distant zones has consistently been there, particularly in the slopes of Jorabat Amching and Panjabari,” said Kalita.

“We are doubling the effort to check on unlicensed gambling betting exercises in the city. A few card sharks have been captured. Every officer has been told to watch closely all the weak points and corners where illegal betting is typically held.”

This form of betting is not to be compared to legal versions online.

Deputy Inspector General of Police, Devojyoti Mukherjee, stated, “There has been an exceptional government order to check on all forms of betting. Throughout the previous 10 days, police have led search activities in different areas of Bongaigaon, Barpeta, DhubriGoalpara, and captured more than 15 players.”

The DIG added that 22 betting spots in these areas had been identified and removed in any event.

Betting has sporadically become rampant over the state on Diwali evenings. In numerous spots, gamblers clustered up in rooms and forgot all about social distancing and COVID 19 safety recommendations.

A cop and different local people expressed that betting game plans can’t be held without the nearby police’s help. A source who realizes the advancement said it is likewise coordinated expertly at numerous inns.

A city NGO general secretary (Save Guwahati Build Guwahati), Kailash Sarma, said there is a need for public mindfulness and that authorities need to keep vigil so needy individuals don’t encounter an emergency as they are now overwhelmed by monetary burdens due to the Covid-incited lockdowns.

“People ought to try to stay at home this Diwali as it might prompt an ascent in Covid-19 cases as it occurred in Delhi. Betting is a social hazard, and individuals ought to keep away from it in the midst of the pandemic,” Sarma added.

Somewhere else, Madhya Pradesh Police raided the home of the late Dharmendra Sonkar, capturing his sibling and taking firearms and stacks of money.

The assault comprised more than 200 cops, who followed Gajendra Sonkar for suspicions of running a betting lair. They seized 17 weapons, ammo, Rs 7.5 lakh (USD 10,129), and “relics of deer,” as per news reports.

Jabalpur Superintendent of Police Siddharth Bahuguna stated, “The police were informed about illicit betting events in a house owned by Gajendra Sonkar. At the point when police marched into the house, 41 individuals were gambling.”

“During the attack, the police additionally found countless weapons and ammo, including carbines, guns, rifles, guns, and compressed air firearms,” he said. The Sonkar brothers will face other criminal cases too, Bahuguna noted.

The police realized that Gajendra Sonkar was working a betting lair isn’t clear in any of the current reports. Even so, Gajendra’s brother, Dharmendra, was shot dead in March of this current year. It was said that his assailants had hostility with him as they were rival betting den operators, so this appears to be a family business.

India presently can’t seem to control betting all through a large part of the nation. Dark web and underground betting market alternatives are progressively getting simpler to get into.

While a few of India’s regions are progressively getting questionable betting offerings from China, different districts are still going with the old-fashioned gambling dens as their unlicensed gambling option.

As has been noted on so many betting industry occasions, as long as betting will be unlawful and unregulated in India, it will continue to be a risky undertaking for so many characterized by money laundering and drugs. India may have closed down minor betting rings during Diwali, but the networks are much deeper and hidden.


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