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Make Google to cache your content faster using Google fetch tool

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2014)

It is not very uncommon that Google takes infinitely longer time to index some of our web pages, Sometime it takes weeks or months to get those pages indexed. Google has its own way of indexing pages and we can’t do much but wait for the Google Bot to come and index our pages. But being a true SEO/webmaster we can surly use things that were primarily designed for some other purpose to our advantage. Bookmarking, social submission and other methods were born out with a same idea that really helped the webmaster to get their page indexed faster.

Index pages using Google Fetch Tool
Not many are aware of this features that Google provides to the webmasters. The Fetch as Google bot primary purpose though is to help the webmaster to analyze and clean up the website that has been hacked or got compromised in some way. Being Search Engine “Optimizer” we can strategically use this feature to make our web page get indexed much faster.
Using Webmaster’s fetch tool you can explicitly make the Google Bot to visit your site pages. This way you not only made the page to get “crawled” faster by the bot but also made Google “aware” that there exists at least one page that has not been indexed yet, so the chances of getting that particular page plus other non-indexed pages to get indexed in Google increases exponentially.
To do this Login to your Webmaster account, In the Crawl section you will find “Fetch as Google” option, just provide the URL of the page to be indexed and finally click “FETCH”.


Fetch as google
Fetch as google

Within seconds you will receive a message that the page is fetched successfully (with green checkmark).


You done with the fetching thing now wait for some hours (typically 24-48 hours) and if everything is alright you will find your web page indexed. Once you done the fetching thing you can also submit the page manually for indexing, but I will leave this up to you to decide whether you want your page to get indexed “naturally” or forcefully by using the submit button .
Google Fetch tool enable the webmaster to hit many shots with single bullet.

  •      You make the bot come to your site
  •      The bot crawls the page and likely other pages as well
  •      If you think that the page that you have created is more valuable and substantial and don’t want that your competitor copies that content and use in their own website then you can also use this tool. Faster indexing faster help you can claim the ownership of that particular page to Google by showing the cached time as a proof of ownership in case if it gets stolen.

Just for a refresh one can also use bookmarking and social submission for page caching purpose but like everything else in this world should not be overdone as it may negatively impact your websites.

Author: James Mascarenhas
Author’s Bio:
The writer is working with EndPointVault that provides cloud storage services in India.


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