Well, if you are maintaining a blog from scratch, you know it’s one of the world’s heftiest and hardworking task. From finding a theme to opening some fan pages, to find some good authors to design a logo and banner, you can’t simply run out of it.

Many bloggers including me, would first love to add some fans to their Facebook pages, Twitter and Google + Accounts to start off with. But it’s isn’t as easy as ABC as the like meter is very slow and mostly you will get around 2-3 likes that too from proper marketing and overall content.

But, if you are one of those folks who doesn’t believe in “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”, here is the proper portion to help you in adding more FB Likes, Twitter followers in bulk. Well, there are also apps that can get you large twitter followers such as these here.

So, moving mainstream, this website is called AddMeFast. The name describes itself very well, which means you can add many fans following in a matter of seconds. The whole process is free and you just need to sign up to do the rest.

Here you go!

  • Sign-Up for a free “AddMeFast” Account and get free 50 Points.
  • This is one of the important steps, make sure that you use a valid Email ID because the website would send a verifying email to verifyNoy your account.
  • Now the link would be provided in the verifying email, so you can hit upon there to check you Account
  • Now, the main part, Provide your website’s initial details such as domain name, there are many more features up there. It’s advised that you go and observe it yourself.
  • The list would contain many things such as CPC. CPC stands for Cost Per Click, so as anyone clicks on your page the amount you have selected will get deducted from your account getting you a free like. So 5 is default let it remain like that only.
  • So now it’s all set, and you can hit the Save changes button, and then your website would be added.
  • Well, you were initially provided with 50 points. 50 points are enough to do some tidbits of adding, but if you want mass adding you can try to get more points, as more points assure more features available.
  • Just simply referring AddMeFast to your friend will gain you 100 points. Another way is to click every day for making 20 clicks on other websites and the third one is referral based you get 200 points for each active referral.
  • So just start liking and doing the above tasks and enjoy 🙂

So this was all to increase your FB Likes and Much more


Sayantan Mahato is an fun-loving freelance writer, who blindly believes that Pens are more powerful than Nukes. He has been working with many top-notch blogs which includes EliteDaily, LifeHack & ShoutMeLoud and is eager to write for your blog!

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