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When you speak of improving your website rankings, the topic will veer towards how to Increase Domain Authority(DA) and like-minded issues. SEO can be a tricky topic. You have concepts like On-Page and Off-Page SEO to contend.

However, one should ignore your website SEO at its own peril. You need SEO to shore up your profits from the website and be ahead of the competition. This article will help you in this regard.

The Concept and Importance of Off-Page SEO:

Instead of going into the technical definitions of SEO, we shall look at this concept from a different angle. This example will explain this concept in very simple terms.

You have the most beautiful house in the world. However, the approach road to your house is strewn with litter and stinks horribly? Who do you think would like to come to your house braving the stench? We need not have to answer the question at all. It is quite obvious.

You need users to visit your website to improve your SEO rankings. Hence, there is a need to clean up the path and entice people to visit your website. This can have a positive effect on your Domain Authority.

What is Domain Authority?

In very simple terms, Domain Authority is a grade or a score that can decide where your website will rank on the search engines such as Google. This grading system developed by Moz is a score ranging from 0 to 100.

Naturally, the higher the score, the higher will be the ranking of your page on the search engine.

Facts about Domain Authority

  • Domain Authority (DA) is a competitive matrix. You have to compare your website’s DA with that of your competitors.
  • More than 40 ranking signals go into the determination of your DA. These signals include the number of linking root domains, the number of links pointing to your website, and so on.
  • Websites ranking higher on the search engine naturally exhibit a higher DA.
  • This translates into better traffic. Therefore, higher the DA more will be the traffic towards your website.
  • Increasing your Domain Authority is not possible overnight.

Just as Domain Authority, you have the concept of Page Authority as well. DA concerns your entire domain whereas Page Authority is a measure of authority of a single page.

There are measures adopting which you can increase Domain Authority. We shall look into such measures. In the meanwhile, we shall see how to check your domain authority.

You can make use of the domain authority checkers on the internet to check your DA. It does not require rocket science. On accessing the website, you have to type your domain address and the system takes care of the rest.

Increase your Domain authority

We shall now concentrate on how to increase a website’s domain authority. While doing so, we place greater emphasis on the Off-Page SEO factors. These factors can play a great role in increasing your domain as well as page authority.

  • Extend the expiry of your domain name: Check the expiry date of your domain address. If it is due for expiry in a year’s time, it can affect the DA of your website. The easiest solution is to extend its expiry date by at least three to four years. It will not cost you much. However, it will be extremely useful to you.
  • Try to increase the number of links to your website: This is a sure way of increasing your DA. However, you have to be very careful while doing so because you can run the risk of attracting spam backlinks. These bad backlinks can bring the negative SEO factor into play thereby doing you more harm than good. Therefore, concentrate on improving quality links to your website. This will increase the domain authority of your blog.
  • Spread your net wider: This is a very old policy to do smart business. “Never put all your eggs in the same basket.” Similarly, try to diversify your links. Instead of concentrating on a single source, try to acquire links from various geographical locations. It would be better if these sources do not have any interconnection between them. However, one should ensure to get quality links.
  • Build up your internal links: This factor is entirely under your control. Everyone would have gone through Wikipedia. This can be the perfect example of how internal links can help you to jump from page to page with the greatest of ease. Linking your blogs using such internal links is a beautiful way to increase domain authority fast and free.
  • Get rid of the bad links: Using the Google Disavow tool to remove the bad links is a nice way to ensure that the quality of links you receive will be good. This can play a great role in increasing the domain authority of a website.
  • Improve your content and become an authority in your niche: This aspect is also entirely in your hands. Improve the quality of the content. Give the customer what he wants and not what you think he needs. It is always better to post fewer blogs of high quality than compromising with quality in pursuit of posting more.

We shall just skim through a few On-Page SEO factors as well. They have a role to play in determining your DA.

  • Indexing your pages in search engines like Google is important but it is equally important to ‘Noindex’ your archived pages.
  • Submit your site link map to all the major search engines.
  • Give attention to the Meta Title and Meta Descriptions. A majority of people read these descriptions before deciding to go into a website.
  • Use of proper heading tags can improve the quality of your blogs

Final Words:

We have just seen the On-Page and Off-Page factors that can help increase Domain Authority. The most important aspect of all is that you should concentrate on the speed of your internet connection. The load time is very important.

If your web page takes more than 3 seconds to load, people get discouraged and move on. This affects the SEO rankings. Google places great emphasis on this particular factor.


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