6 Important Reasons Why You Should Own a Dash Cam


Since the inception of vehicles, the focus has always been on making the journey more and more secure and smooth. For this purpose, drastic changes have been made in the design of the automobiles as well as in the features to be included. However, one idea that has remained constant is to make sure not to divert the driver’s focus with multiple features – the less the better.

Currently, various car models are equipped with high-tech tools. Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, GPS navigation, Smart steering, Blindspot monitoring, smart controls, parking camera, and the list goes on. However, dashboard cameras still have the upper hand over all of these technologies. The fact that dashcams are extremely easy to install and have been repeatedly used by law and enforcement agencies since their inception adds to their value.

Recent Advancements in Dash Cams

The basic functionality of dashcams is useful on its own but more latest releases come with multiple other features which hike up the significance of dashboard cameras.

Computer Vision

The use of Computer Vision in dashboard cameras is proving to be highly effective for the drivers’ safe journey. From determining the road conditions and the blindspot computer vision is also helpful in monitoring the speed of nearby traveling vehicles, the severity of the vision issues due to the weather, detection of objects that can be the reasons for accidents, and many more.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI in the dashboard cameras is the reason they can manage to perform a number of smart tasks. AI enables the dash cam to operate with little to no human interaction. Tasks like sending out emergency messages, determining the extent of the distraction, calculating the chances of an accident by analyzing nearby road conditions, or analyzing the patterns that lead to road mishaps have been possible by implementing Artificial intelligence techniques. All these can be helpful in getting the driver the exemption from being charged wrongfully.

Robotic Assistance

Robotic assistance in Dashcams has been making routine tasks less monotonous. Adding NLP makes the process more effortless as it facilitates voice control which ensures that the driver’s focus is on the road. To make the process even more manageable, Alexa is usually connected with dashcams to make the process more robust. This means that the driver can easily control his smartphone and dashboard camera, both, without having to switch the controlling mechanism.

Appealing Dashcam Features

GPS Navigation and Positioning

Dashboard cameras come with a built-in navigation system to help the driver navigate towards the destination in a smooth way. Dashcams can also accurately determine your speed and position which can be beneficial during any investigation and even in the condition of any medical emergency on the driver’s side.

Intelligent Parking

Dashcams are capable of recording any activity like a movement or a jerk to the vehicle while it’s parking. This feature can be controlled by turning it on or off. If the car is parked in an unknown area, it is always recommended to turn on the smart parking feature. This gives the drivers peace of mind that wherever the vehicle is parked, it is safe and if anything happens to it by any means, will be captured by the dashcam.

HD Resolution

Dash cameras have high-resolution recording features ranging from 720p to 1440p and onwards. The newer versions also have an embedded image stability feature to make sure the highest quality road recording clips are attained. The enhanced video quality helps the driver capture the entire beautiful road journey and the footage is not shaky at all which is extremely important as the vehicle is always in movement and the road can be bumpy as well.

Voice Control

Along with traditional features of handling smartphones, the voice control feature can also handle the dashcam functionalities while the driver can continue focusing on the road and keep the hands on the steering wheel. This feature has made dash cams extremely easy to control while driving.

Visibility in Harsh Weather

Weather highly affects the visibility on the road. Despite being extremely careful, the accident ratio increases during fog, rain, and snowy weather. Dash cams are powerful enough to capture the video in these extreme weather conditions. If you are involved in an accident or just a witness, your dashcam must have captured the car number plate or footage of the person inside the car which can be later on used for identification during the investigation. It can also save you from lengthy investigation procedures if you are being charged wrongfully.

Emergency SOS

In any case of accident or any medical emergency like a heart attack, the dash cams are smart enough to detect if the driver is unresponsive for a certain amount of time and send out an emergency SOS to the nearest emergency station based on the location of the vehicle.


Dashcam features do not limit here but the above-mentioned features are the essential ones that can be found embedded in almost every dashcam release. These features are highly essential for a safe route. Dashcams were primarily used by law enforcement agencies to regulate traffic rules and identify the driver and the number plate in case of any violation or accident. At first, owning a dashcam for personal use was often seen as a liability but now it has started to become an essential feature to have due to the number of safety features that it provides. Installing dash cams prevent crimes no matter the vehicle is used for personal or public use and it is also recommended by insurance companies as well as many law enforcement agencies.

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