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In this day and age of social media marketing and advertising, content marketing is a highly important method of promoting one’s business. So, what exactly does content marketing entail? It includes every written piece of marketing, including articles, blogs, think-pieces, and other written material used to promote the products or services sold by a business.

Content marketing aims to answer any questions a customer has regarding a business or its products. It can be presented in a multitude of ways, ranging from casually-written blogs to detailed and comprehensive guides. Irrespective of its format, content marketing hopes to guide a customer from the moment they start thinking of making a purchase until they place the order.

This is why content marketing must be helpful, easily understandable to the common person, clear, and concise. There are many tools on the internet, some of which are downloadable and others, online, that assist with optimizing content marketing. Since there are so many of them, it can be hard to narrow it down and understand which ones you need. In this article, we will be listing the most important content marketing tools and apps available in the market.

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most commonly used writing platforms where everyone can work together. The interface is easy for anyone who has worked on Microsoft or iOS platforms to get used to, and the user experience is pleasant.

Many people do their writing in Google Docs, both professional writers and students. When a person does a lot of writing daily, Google Docs is an irreplaceable tool.


Grammarly is a Google Chrome extension that can be installed and added to your search engine. You can avail the free version of it to make basic corrections and improvements to your writing on Google Docs or any other online writing platform. But sometimes a free version is not enough, especially for students who need big academic assignments – in that case, you can get professional help from TrustedEssayReviews. But if you want advanced suggestions on a regular basis and an overall improvement in your writing style, you can purchase Grammarly premium version and use its many features.


One of the most popular website and blog-building platforms of the last decade, WordPress is also a great CMS that is used by businesses everywhere. This impressive platform helps you host and run websites for different purposes, all from a single account. It provides users with a variety of templates that they can choose from for a customized website design.

Answer the Public

All good content marketing uses the most appropriate keywords. Keywords make sure that your article is seen by the right people. Answer the Public is a highly intuitive, powerful keyword tool that uses visuals to help you find exactly what words to use to advertise your business. The free version has limited options, and you can pay and upgrade to use the tool to its full abilities.


Content marketing tools and apps include more than just text-based platforms. Statistics, data-based visuals, and other images assist the written content in communicating an idea to the reader. Infographics are easy, small-sized pieces of information designed in visually appealing ways to express something. You can create wonderful graphics using the wide variety of templates available on Canva, both free and paid.


Being a writer can make you approach reading in a very one-dimensional way. Writing the same style of content for work can change your perception of your audience. Luckily, Hemingway assigns you a readability grade that helps you understand if you need to simplify your writing or write in a more complex style.


Content marketing is crucial to promoting a business. Have you ever wanted some in-depth analytics on your writing that can help you improve? The free-to-install Draftback is an extension that offers a variety of analytics and insights into your writing process on Google Docs. You can observe past mistakes while writing and consciously avoid them in the future.


Anyone who works online, whether in a team or alone, would love to have some outside help to manage all their projects. Trello is a great tool for content marketing as it helps you manage different projects across varying platforms and do it with ease. A lot of businesses use it for ongoing pipeline management for all organization and management needs.

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To Conclude

While content marketing plays a huge role in the overall marketing strategy of a business, tools and apps like the above-listed ones are only a small part of it. To truly become a content marketing wiz, work on your basic communication and creative skills and develop them with the help of these tools. They can elevate your existing skills and take your business to the next level!

Author’s Bio – Eric Wyatt

Eric Wyatt is an online writer who contributes to tech magazines on topics ranging from content marketing to social media promotions. His experience in the industry has given him the insights one would require to successfully promote their business using online promotion techniques. Apart from writing, Wyatt works as a digital marketing consultant on the side and offers his helpful advice to small businesses starting from the ground up.