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A symbol used only once in a while for years has now become one of the most powerful on the Internet thanks to social media. Hashtags are now utilized to signify trends and conversations, along with keywords and phrases. You will even find them being inserted with random statements or sentences to track topics or dialogues.

The Rise of the Hashtag in Social Media

The hashtag was first used at the Internet Relay Chat as a categorizing tool, after which it showed up again in 2007 when a Google engineer, Chris Messina, classified tweets. In 2009, Twitter officially adopted its use in identifying trending topics through hyperlinking, and you may remember its very first hashtag, #FF (FollowFriday). In 2013, Facebook and LinkedIn added the hashtag to help its users browsing social media trends. The hashtag is on Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, and many other social media platforms.

How to Use Social Media Hashtags

Using social media hashtags is a great way to remain up to date with what is happening in your area or industry if you are a business like Book of Ra kostenlos spielen. Hashtags are a great way to market your brand or any new service or product you have. You can also use it to get people talking about a topic that is important to you as a personality. According to research, it increases your social media post engagement by up to 12%, so do not hesitate to create one. The simple rules for creating a hashtag are:

  • No spaces between the words within the phrase
  • No punctuation
  • Use the hashtag anywhere within your post

Your hashtag can be made up of any keywords you deem competitive. On Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, hashtags are made of one or two words, while on Instagram, you can post a photo with up to 30 hashtags.


Another way to exploit hashtags to promote your marketing campaign is Geotagging, which is essentially putting your location with every social media post. Geotagging is especially important on Instagram, where posts with places seem to get up to 79% more engagement than those without. Locations will significantly widen your audience engagement. You can use a specific one such as #Atlanta or something more precise like #AtlantaEye, #VisitAtlanta, or #AtlantaLife.

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Tag the Day of the Week

Boost post engagement by posting your social media content earlier on in the week. Hootsuite’s Adespresso agrees that posts on Monday outperform other days’ posts significantly. Make posting on a Monday even more beneficial by using a hashtag like #MondayMorning, #MondayBlues, or #MondayQuotes. Such hashtags should boost your post engagement and audience reach.

Hashtags Are Essential for SEO

SEO is all about increasing organic traffic and making brands more visible, which is exactly what hashtags do for your social media content. Choosing the right one will make your content visible to followers and non-followers on any social media platform. A social media user may not know about your brand but can stumble upon it while searching for a trending topic that is important to them and synonymous with your brand.

Hashtags Use in Marketing

Businesses have long used hashtags to build brand awareness. An example is Kit Kat, whose #haveabreak campaign is associated with their brand and chocolate bar without ever mentioning the name. Another is Domino, which encourages their followers to engage with them by repeating a certain hashtag, like #LetsDoLunch, on social media. Everyone that used the hashtag while retweeting got a discount on their pizza.

Jackson Rancheria, a casino 1€ deposit resort, consistently utilizes the hashtag #rancheriastyle on Twitter and Instagram to popularize its brand. Hashtags can also be essential in keeping an eye out on competitor activity. By using them to ‘social listen’ to what they are doing, you could get some ideas of your own, such as the best influencers for your brand.


To make the most of them, hashtags must be relevant to your products; otherwise, it will lack validity. Also, avoid hashtag fails, which can include messages that can be misconstrued.

Do you have any more tips or ideas for hashtag use on social media? Post them in our comment section!

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