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Review–iCare Data Recovery: Recovery Deleted Files Easily

Have it ever happened to you that you deleted a file by mistake and regret that action?

Sad that you can never recover that file? Who knows after all the deleted file is very important? College assignment or office reports?

Also, we usually delete files to clear disk such as movies and songs but months after we regret on why we deleted that?

Luckily, you can recover your deleted files, irrespective if you deleted it intentionally or non-intentionally. One way is to have regular data backups so that you don’t get the hold off from the precious data. But it is only important, if you have a service that takes regular backups of your system and data.

Moreover, sometimes due to format or the data getting corrupt, it becomes inaccessible.

But NO worry!

Here comes, iCare Data Recovery to rescue!

iCare Data Recovery

As the name itself suggests, iCare Data Recovery helps you to recover deleted files and data. It helps you to recover almost every type of data across its length and breadth. You can use it to recover data and files from formatted drives and partitions easily and like a boss! More over, you can use this great tool to recover files from any external device such as iPod, HDDs to name a few. It also has the ability to restore partitions which have become obsolete due to being corrupt.

It comes in four versions: free, standard, professional, and enterprise. The free version can recover only to a specific number of files, standard version can be used for only one PC, but you don’t get any lifetime updates with it. The professional version is for only one PC, but it guarantees lifetime updates. Last, the enterprise ones which can be used on several PCs and ensure lifetime updates.

Benefits (and Pros) of iCare Data Recovery

  • It supports various various systems such as FAT12, EXFAT to name a few.
  • It allows you to recover files.
  • Supports both basic and dynamic disks.
  • Comes with four different recovery modes which are lost partition recovery, advanced files recovery, deep scan recovery, format recovery.
  • Has a inbuilt search button to browse through files through date, size etc.
  •  Last but not the least, has the ability to look and restore files from recycle bin.


  • No online help or documentation
  • Does not give any details about the symbols present there. A newbie user might not be able to handle it properly. Though not much detail has been given, but its relatively easy to use and go through the tool.It displays  4 icons leading to recover deleted files, recover partitions and unformat drives.
  • Does not recover all partitions at once.

Go over the website to download a free copy of the free file recovery version and know it’s awesome and amazing features.

iCare Data Recovery Homepage

At the end, I would like to say it’s a great tool and you must indeed use it, you will find it effective to recover deleted data and files at once!

Here is the download page to free version.


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