Hybrid Event Platform: The Top 7 Solutions of 2021


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2020, a year from where it all started, has turned out to be a beautiful commencement of brainstorming technologies. We all have come across a phase where live and online elements have become an integral part of our lives for better reach and connections. These elements are the perfect example of hybrid events and undeniably we all have been leveraging the event management platform at some point in time. Event organizers and marketers have realized that the vivacious evil of this global pandemic will only lead them to explore and dive into the ocean of new opportunities to bring people together.

Before we embrace the top 7 solutions of hybrid event platforms, we must first understand what they mean exactly. As touched earlier, hybrid events are basically a mix of physical and virtual events which come with endless possibilities that can seamlessly increase your reach and show rate with minimal costs.

People have almost adapted to the cause rolled out by the virus, thanks to vaccines people have started to head out to continue with their business and hybrid events became their new alternative. If you are reading this blog, we assume that you are willing to host a hybrid event for your organization but are stuck at which platform will suit you perfectly. Don’t worry! We have curated the top 7 solutions that will help you choose an ideal hybrid event platform seamlessly. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Hybrid event platforms: What features to look for!

Before anything, getting to understand all features you may require to enhance the atmosphere of your hybrid event is necessary. Hence, we have carefully formulated key features that are mandatory for you to keep in mind while deciding on a platform.

  • Feedback

Having a feedback option available to the users can allow them to share their experience, which offers you room to improve and take corrective actions. Through follow-up forms, organizers can easily check their event effectiveness and work efficiently on their negative areas. Additionally, it will provide a sense of understanding amongst your hybrid participants. In short, it makes them realize their value and how their feedback can alter the perspective of a business.

  • Networking and engagement features

Think about it, why will your attendees attend your event if they are bound to just sit and accumulate whatever you are educating them. Hence, making their user journey authentic involves features that contain networking and engagement tactics to uplift their platform experience. Incorporate features like- Q&A sessions, Live chats, Live polls, Gamification, and so on to keep them intact throughout the event.

  • Custom your atmosphere

As technology keeps on surprising us, many tech-enthusiasts have enticed the world with their great inventions. The one which is quite popular amongst others is customization. Thi feature allows organizers to seamlessly integrate changes and change their hybrid event platform’s entire look and feel without any third-party involvement. Imagine- a 3-dimensional ambiance with a live avatar, soothing music, animated lights, and much more which can all be altered according to your requirements, isn’t it fascinating? Hence make sure your service provider offers you user-friendly and personalized features in their interface.

  • Attendee Footprinting

Track your attendee’s move and action through this awesome attendee footprinting feature offered by a hybrid event platform. This basically helps organizers to keep a close eye on what each attendee is doing at the platform alongside time and visits to different venue locations.

  • Browsed-based solutions

A browsed-based solution for your hybrid event that does not require any installation of software is our best platform advice. As hybrid events amalgamate virtual attendees as well, having dedicated web-based equipment is necessary to deliver a unique experience to global participants. This feature finds solutions to any attendees web related issues.

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Top 7 hybrid event platforms

So, now that we have understood what we need to conduct a hybrid event, we guess now is the perfect time to introduce you to our top 7 hybrid event platforms that will enable you to tailor your event at your convenience.

1. Dreamcast Global

Host a top-notch event with extensive and engaging features that can help you skyrocket your hybrid events. Being an in-all service provider they offer creative & innovative solutions that can enhance your event experience significantly. Here are a few key features that provide-

1- AI-Powered Matchmaking- Enables attendees to connect with other participants and exhibitors based on their interests.

2- Business Card Exchange- This feature allows attendees to share and receive electronic business cards from any individual, just like in-person gatherings.

3- Leaderboard- This is a Gamification based feature that enables participants to establish an overall scoreboard of the event.

4- Networking Table- A powerful feature that allows attendees to have a 1:1 or group interaction. Just simply schedule a meeting with like-minded individuals and get started with an immersive experience of seamless communication.

5- Dynamic Banners- Leverage an enticing multiple banners feature wherein brands can showcase their products and reach out to people hassle-free.

6- Standard Microsite- This feature outlines critical aspects of your hybrid events and enables organizers to upgrade their potential functionality.

And we are not yet, Dreamcast facilitates its customers with customizable features as well wherein you get the liberty to create your event just the way you want it. A comprehensive hybrid event platform that can bring your ‘A’ game to your events. Some other features that might interest you include- Access Management, Digital footprinting, 24*7 support, Flexibility, easy navigation, and the list goes on. They have recently launched their new DIY platform as well which gives organizers a chance to create the entire look and feel of the platform all by themselves without any third-party involvement.

Whatever your event’s requirements are, the platform can effortlessly have it all for you.

2. Airmeet

Trusted by 6500+ event organizers, Airmeet is an end-to-end hybrid event platform. It helps you to bridge the gap between your in-person event and online audience all the while keeping them engaged.

Here are some of the interesting features that let Airmeet deliver the event experience that you desire.

  • Unified registration and ticketing that suits your audience’s needs.
  • Browser and device-agnostic (with separate mobile and iPad apps).
  • An interactive stage that supports up to 16 speakers. You can also let virtual attendees share and interact with onsite speakers by coming on the live stage.
  • Always accessible breakout rooms like social lounges and speed networking to promote meaningful conversations between the attendees.
  • Real-time analytics dashboard to measure audience interest and engagement.
  • Shine the spotlight on your sponsors with interactive virtual booths and breakout sessions.
  • Track leaderboard status with gamification.
  • CRM integrations that enable you to track sales pipeline and event ROI.
  • Empower your attendees by letting them create discussion tables for quick networking and brainstorming sessions.
  • Increase the lifespan of your event by converting them into recordings and making it available to your audience as an on-demand session.
  • White glove and AirCare services help you deliver the best possible outcome of your event.
  • Lastly, interactive polls and Q&A to capture audience opinion.

Airmeet does come with a free plan for hosting small events for up to 100 registrations. The Basic plan is priced at $99 per month or you can level up to the Pro plan for larger events and virtual conferences.

3. Accelevents

Another good option to conduct your hybrid event is Accelevents. The platform allows its customers to host a large event and invite as many participants at the same time. They have many useful features such as ticketing/registration, live chat, and polling. Apart from it, they also give access to organizers to shop online, incorporate news feed and agenda in the event. The online shopping feature is said to be the most useful tool amidst all as it can seamlessly generate revenue for your organization.

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4. Spot me

A perfect platform for the corporate world. Their stellar live and on-demand functionality enables attendees to watch any event anytime and anywhere. The platform offers cost-effective features, breakout sessions, gamification, customizable agendas, and much more. However, the platform is a little costly compared to other platforms. So while choosing their service always prepare your budget first and add on features that can fit in your planned budget.

5. Vfairs

Vfairs enables organizers to host a virtual fair in a comprehensive hybrid event platform. Their specialty is providing services upon fairs and exhibitions for product launch, education, job, housing, and so on. They allow their attendees to download and watch videos on their virtual booths available on the platform hassle-free. Vfairs enables viewers to ask questions to host and receive an instant response and is perfect for giving insights. This platform is not very interactive hence you can only demonstrate your objectives.

6. Aventri

Aventri was previously named eTouches which offers virtual and hybrid solutions. It can support large-sized events to small-scale meetings. The platform enables attendees to leverage on-demand or live content seamlessly. Their registration features allow attendees to easily enroll themselves in any event without dealing with any formalities and from the planners’ front, it is easy to use and set. The authentic hybrid event platform has many templates already available for its customers which saves time in creating the entire event from scratch. A few other effective features are its Q&A and event analytic tools. However, while choosing this platform make sure you know the cost of each of their features as they cost extra for additional features.

7. Hopin

For large-scale events, Hopin is an excellent hybrid event platform. You may hold events with up to 100,000 attendees online, making the event more approachable than in person. Full-fledged gatherings with several stages, seminars, and exhibition exhibits are also possible. Hopin also provides excellent post-event statistics, which is important for assessing your event after it has taken place.

Over to you

Now that you have found your perfect hybrid event platform, start planning for an extraordinary event that will bring more potential leads and provide cutting-edge solutions. We hope the above-mentioned help you reach up to your potential and facilitate you with big success.

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