6 Features That Make HReasily Reliable As a Payroll Solution


A payroll system is a critical software for every organisation. It allows you to calculate employee’s wages, salaries, various deductions, and taxes appropriately. It also ensures compliance with the tax authorities of your country. This article discusses the important features of HReasily payroll solution.

1. Seamless Integration

A payroll solution is not as effective as standalone software. It requires manual entry of data that is time-consuming and often leads to errors. If the payroll system is integrated with other business systems, it eliminates double data entry. For example, the payroll can fetch data like employee databases, attendance, and other important information required to calculate employees’ monthly salaries.

HReasily supports seamless integration with other software and hardware eliminating the need for manual data entry. When a payroll solution is integrated with HR and finance systems, your employees’ instances paid wrongly are greatly reduced.

Being paid correctly every time is the first step to keep your employees happy. When employees are paid correctly every time, they can concentrate better on the tasks at hand. It also means HR or the payroll department has to deal with fewer queries related to monthly salaries.

2. Increased Engagement

Employee engagement is essential in business activities, increasing trust, and reducing the probability of losing a quality workforce. Organisations can integrate the Staff Easily module with the cloud-based payroll solution. It allows employers and employees to access their information through an easy-to-use interface.

Employees can access information about salary and different allowances from their mobile devices, giving clarity on how the wages are calculated.

3. Multi-Country Coverage

A large number of multinational companies have offices and employees located in different countries. It calls for a payroll solution that can be used by company offices separated by geographical boundaries.

A cloud-based payroll solution allows universal access and enables offices located in different countries to use the centralised payroll software. It also allows organisations to keep all payroll data at one place that can be useful to prepare various reports.

4. Vacation and Leave Tracking

Employees are entitled to a particular number of casual leaves, medical leaves, and paid leaves. The Leave Easily module allows smart leave management for employers and employees. When integrated with the main payroll solution, employees can check their leave balance anytime from their mobile devices.

5. Easy Setup

Since the payroll solution is cloud-based, your organisation is not required to invest in hardware or software. Once your organisations subscribe to a cloud-based payroll service, your HR staff can start using the software. The software does not have a steep learning curve. Even a person with little knowledge of payroll or software can begin using it within 10 minutes or more.

6. Security

Data is valuable for every company. Every organisation using a cloud-based solution needs to ensure the payroll solution has adequate authentication protocols to prevent unauthorised access to information or the payroll system. HReasily comes with two-factor authentication for login. The payroll system also offers automated backups that help meet data compliance and provides security against data corruption.

To sum up, HReasily comes with a wide range of features that make it a reliable payroll solution.

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