How User Experience Affects Choosing the Best Hosting Provider


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When it comes to choosing the best hosting provider, things aren’t as messy and complicated as they seem at first. We promise! Even though web hosting isn’t something we encounter on a daily basis, it is something we can get informed about in a matter of hours. However, you will still need to consider all your options before choosing the best provider for your unique needs. And one of the many aspects you should consider when choosing such a provider is definitely its effect on user experience. That is why we are here today. To help you make the right call. So, let’s dive in!

What is web hosting and why do you need it?

Even though web hosting sounds like something strange and distant, it is something we all use on day-to-day bases. Yes. We do. Even without being aware of it. Web hosting is used for, you have guessed it – for hosting websites online. Every piece of information that is online is physically stored somewhere. It is only logical, isn’t it? And, the same goes for your personal or business website. It needs to be stored somewhere. But, how user experience affects choosing the best hosting provider? And how much will it cost? Are there any free web hosting services available for you to use?

Try to find web hosting that will save you some money along the way on the list by this link. We will answer all these and some other questions in the paragraphs that are to come. Keep on reading!

Different types of web hosting services and their prices

Yes. There is more than one option to choose from when it comes to choosing the best hosting provider. Here are your options:

  • Shared web hosting
  • Dedicated web hosting
  • Cloud web hosting
  • VPS

All these types of web hosting services serve the same purpose – holding your website online and available to your users. But, how these services affect user experience? And how user experience affects your choice of web hosting service provider?

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting stands for shared server space. It literally means that you will be using just a part of a server, its features, add-ons, and plugins. This type of web hosting service is way cheaper than the other ones, however, it isn’t always your best option. And especially when it comes to user experience-related problems and dilemmas. Why is that so? The answer to this question is quite simple actually. User experience is something that matters. A lot. And it seems like its impact is growing more and more before our eyes, without us even noticing it.

Generating traffic to your website (organic and paid) is for nothing if people just leave your website as soon as they see your user interface. Your website needs to be well designed, logically organized, easy to use, and above all else – fast. And that is the most important factor to consider when it comes to user experience and the way it affects choosing the best hosting provider. Shared web hosting service is your cheapest option, however, if you want your website to be fast and enjoyable for the end-users – it might not be your best choice.

Dedicated web hosting

On the other hand, the priciest, but also the best web hosting service will allow you to make as many changes, upgrades, and add-ons to your website without affecting its speed. And by not affecting its speed, reliable services like dedicated hosting in India – will only boost your user experience. It is quite logical actually once you think about it. However, if you are not running a large online business, and don’t have millions of visitors on a monthly basis, you might not need to invest in this type of web hosting service.

Cloud web hosting

Much similar to VPS, cloud web hosting mimics both shared and dedicated web hosting. And when it comes to user experience and its effect on choosing your hosting provider, cloud hosting has one more perk that comes with it. It is more secure than shared and VPS hosting, and cheaper than a dedicated one. Your data will be split between several servers, and that will add another layer of security that might not affect your website’s user experience directly, but if you look at it – security is a big part of user experience. It is just, people don’t think about it since it is a must-have in order to provide a good first, second and last impression.



Virtual hosting is similar to a dedicated one but is actually shared. Your data will only virtually be on a separate server. However, this type of web hosting is faster and more reliable than the shared one, and more affordable than a cloud and dedicated one.

How fast does your website need to be actually?

The answer to this question isn’t easy to answer. It depends on many different factors and aspects. You will need to make your own list of pros and cons so to say, in order to choose the best hosting provider for your website. How much are you willing to invest? Are you looking to attract more traffic to your website in the near future? How much data are you looking to store? Will you need some additional features? Are you concerned about your website’s privacy and security? You will need to answer all these questions before deciding on how fast your website needs to be.


Do your research and avoid making rash decisions

Yes. This one is really important. You need to think this through before you make any final calls. User experience is something that can be affected by many factors, and the speed of your website is only one of them. However, its impact is anything but seamless. You can even contact professionals in this field and ask for a consultation before opting for any hosting provider. Do your research, consult web developers and other professionals in this field and give it some time before you come to your final decision.

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