How Today’s Tech Can Improve Business Communication


People often say the key to happy relationships is communication. It’s true of romance and friendship, and it’s true for business too. Happy employees are those that feel secure in their jobs.

They should also feel they can freely communicate with their bosses and each other when necessary. They need to feel comfortable approaching their bosses in person when the need arises.

If you are a business owner or manager hoping to make your workplace more efficient, you can improve company relations and business practices with the help of today’s technology. With apps and computers, you can make communicating and working even easier.

Here are 5 tech upgrades you should consider to improve communication with your entire team – we know they’ll appreciate it.

1 – Enterprise Voting Apps

If you want opinions from employees, or you want to offer a vote, try using an enterprise agreement voting system. With these programs, you can pose questions company-wide without needing everyone in one space.

This is useful for large businesses since it can be difficult to set a meeting for everyone to attend. Even for small businesses, alternating schedules can make it hard for everyone to sit down together. These apps are a great alternative to group meetings. You can get your questions answered, make announcements, and even conduct some fun polls.

This is more convenient for employees too because they won’t be expected to compromise their own schedule for a group meeting; they can participate from anywhere.

2 – Cloud-Based Task Management Programs

Getting off task is far too easy. With workplace task management software, you can help your employees stay on track. Many also allow you to track progress, as well. You can also prioritize tasks to ensure that the most important jobs are completed first.

A lot of these programs are collaborative. Employees can work together on projects, when allowed, to make sure the job is done. Have multiple people on important projects to improve work quality and keep workflow moving steadily.

Nothing kills an employee’s morale more than the loss of data. Keeping data in the cloud also ensures that work won’t be lost if there is a computer crash.

3 – Video Conferences

Video conferencing is another great tool to work around conflicting schedules among employees. Everyone will still need to schedule a time to be part of the conference, but video calls are more flexible and ensure that more people can attend.

You don’t need everyone physically in the room to hold important meetings. All you need is the right video conferencing program.

4 – Streamline File Organization

Sometimes a business has specific people assigned to certain files. Often, multiple people need access to multiple files. Rather than making people explain where the files are, or someone loses a file and refuses to own up to it, try a streamlining system. There are many different platforms designed for businesses to help them organize files.

These programs can really improve communication and increase productivity because they allow anyone to search and access files from any computer.

5 – Use a Messaging System

Similar to video conferencing, a messaging platform is great to use when you don’t have everyone in one place. Many programs have apps for phones, too. There are apps and programs that are actually geared towards businesses for this.

Most of them are very user-friendly and easy to use. For remote teams that need updates very quickly, DialMyCalls is an example of an app that would be great for this scenario. Consider using one to contact employees!


Technology is designed to make life easier. The same is true of businesses. Communication between employees and bosses can become difficult. Using the right technology, you can make yourself and your business more accessible to your employees.

Happy employees and direct communication mean a more successful business. Give some of these suggestions a try, and see how much your business improves!

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