How to Write The Best Executive Resume


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An executive resume is your pass card to a dream company and job. This type of CV is a must if you are pursuing a C-level position. The document highlights the skills, work experiences, some personal achievements that are essential for the employer. An expert in a specific subject matter can write an essay, a research paper, and even a dissertation. Of course, they do it for a fee.  In this article, you will learn about some crucial attributes and tips on how to write the best executive resume.

Win over recruiters with these simple tips

Like any resume, the executive CV requires some preparation and research. You already have a document that enlists all the previous working experiences, of course, but take some time to revise it. Applying for a senior position, you should be prepared for a harsh competition and scrupulous recruiters or even a team of recruiters.

An executive CV represents a person who has enough expertise and is looking for an executive-level position. In case if you are not sure whether you can handle your CV properly, consider some executive resume writing service top rated. If you are confident that you can do it by yourself, stick to the following tips to make a stunning executive resume.

1. Find out about the company’ s/employer’s needs

The majority of those who are targeting at high-level positions have a clear understanding of what they are looking for. Moreover, they often know which company is their goal. The truth is that it is always better to have this dream company on your mind. First, you can learn about the corporation itself, define the critical requirements of it, and work on your missing skills to fit the desired position.

Having a clear understanding of what candidate your employer is looking for, you can tailor your CV. While some common mistakes made by interviewees include asking too much information during the interviews. For a candidate, a grave mistake will be a lack of information about the company. You may do your research based on the specialty. For instance, if it is a Customer Support executive – focus on your communication skills and successful people management experience.

2. Your resume is your professional story

Talking about a perfect fit resume, do not forget that there is no way you can spruce up the details. Your CV must be informative, articulate, and correspond to reality. Be honest: if you are missing a critical skill, spend some time on its acquisition or improvement. Even though your executive resume is your professional story, cross the line. Don’t create an opus about your work experience.

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As an experienced employee, you must have heard about LinkedIn. Make sure your profile corresponds to your CV as well. Modern recruiters tend to look through social media profiles today. You may also attach the link to your LinkedIn video resume or add some data visualization if needed.

Also, follow a classic structure of the executive resume to make it coherent and organized. Include the following must-have attributes:

  • Summary
  • Chronological work history
  • Mention some figures – recruiters love it
  • Testimonials will be a huge plus
  • Make a perfect photo
  • Add important links to your profiles/portfolios/websites

3. Mind your personal branding together with value proposition

Executive candidates are, in most cases, very passionate and charismatic personalities. Highlight the skills and personal traits that will help the employers to distinguish you from the competitors. In case if you have testimonials or contacts from the previous workplaces – share these with the recruiters.

The interviewees and employees appreciate it when a person is confident and demonstrates a professional approach. The executive position presupposes negotiations; therefore, you have a chance to present your communication skills during the interview. If you know that you deserve the position, tell more about yourself from the professional and personal sides.

At the same time, keep in mind that recruiters pay attention to the appearance as well (no matter how sad it sounds). The reality is that you should have a perfect LinkedIn photo and spam-free content on your social media profiles. Thus, do everything to ensure that your personal branding is not hot air, and the value proposition makes sense.


Now that you know about the essential attributes of the executive resume, you can apply some tips to your CV. Start from the research stage, think about the content of your resume, define the structure. Do not underestimate the social media profile polish, as many recruiters will check these for sure. Finally, the most important thing is to stay real, positive, and honest with yourself while writing your perfect executive resume.

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