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There are numerous essay examples available on the Internet. They can be downloaded in a matter of seconds from a variety of sources. What is more, there is a special service WritingAPaper, which has a lot of professional writers who will help with your papers. It’s best to rely on someone who knows all lifehacks.

Below you will learn how to choose the best topic for an essay, what is the best structure to stick to, and what to do if the right thoughts do not come to mind.

How having an English essay topic affects your preparation for writing

The essay has one big advantage – there are virtually no requirements for it. This applies to both the layout and the completion. After all, it is essentially a statement of the author’s views on a particular topic or several topics.

But even in this virtually free field of writing, there are some guidelines to follow when writing an essay in English. They can help you think in the right direction and, as a result, turn in a decent paper to your teacher.

First of all, you should decide on the topic of writing. If it has already been stated earlier in the university, this is both a plus and a minus at the same time. The good news is that you can clearly understand what you want to talk about in the text and start gathering the necessary information. The disadvantage is that there is no more room for choosing the topic and solving it yourself. Both variants have their place. Let’s look at them in more detail.

With the first option, you have the freedom to choose the direction of your thoughts. You can come up with a topic on your own, or you can go to sources of inspiration like Google or YouTube. But we advise you to find a theme within yourself. Because that’s the only way you’ll get a truly high-quality English essay. Because the topic will really excite you and you will want to speak out about it.

But with the second option (when the topic of the essay is already defined), there is also room for your own opinion. Maybe the desire to express thoughts on this topic is not 100% strong, but do not have to bother and invent a bicycle. All you have to do is to do good research on the problem and start writing.

One more important aspect of preparing for an essay is the desire to learn because modern students usually don’t want to study at all. It’s necessary to learn all the tips, structure, and rules before starting your essay.

Structure of an essay

Before you begin, we offer you a simple tip: write an outline. It can be a short, but correctly structured part of the text. It is best to write one sentence for each paragraph and then expand the opinion as you go along. At least the authors of the Chip and Dale student help service use this method regularly.

There are usually three simple elements in the structure of an English essay:

  1. introduction;
  2. body paragraphs;
  3. conclusion.

Introduction. So, first of all, make a good introduction. Its strength lies in telling the problem in your own words, without changing the subject. To do this, you can use paraphrasing (paraphrasing). It will make the text more interesting and less boring.

You can also use synonyms in this part of the work. For example, you take Student’s education as a valuable thing for the modern world. In this case, we suggest the following variants of synonyms already at the topic level:

  • Valuable has the same meaning as important, major, and significant.
  • The thing can be replaced with a factor, aspect, or element.
  • Modern is easily changed to contemporary, current, and present.
  • The world can become a globe, planet, earth.

main body. Next, proceed smoothly to the main part of the text. In it, try to be as concise and without unnecessary words to express your point of view. You can give quotes, show examples, model situations, or share your own observations.

As a rule, to write a cool essay in English, you should not be afraid to insert into the text direct questions that you have asked yourself in the course of writing. That is, it can be a whole phrase like: Why did the author decide to write about it? Who could change the situation now? Fill in and develop your main points as much as possible, resorting to comparisons and contradictions where appropriate.

Conclusion. In this block of work, the important point is to emphasize to the reader your main arguments. You can also draw his attention to other issues related to the main topic of the essay in English. In the simplest variant, you can simply summarize the previously written lines of the text.

Rules for writing an essay in English

Of course, the competent choice of the topic of the paper and adherence to its structure is very necessary for a cool essay. But they are of no use if their text will contain a bunch of mistakes or boring and banal phrases. Therefore, it is important to fill the body of the work itself with as many synonyms, introductory words, and phrasal prepositions as possible, of course, within the limits of common sense.

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