This guide helps you to convert your Google drive as cloud operating system. Now a days cloud services are become more popular with their features.In this way so many companies already use cloud as part of their activities.Many web companies introduced their own cloud storage services with wonderful features and reliable storage.In this way Google also introduced their cloud storage and named it as Google drive.Actually it is the remodeling project of Google docs.

Among of all cloud services this is the best one and trusted one because there is no need to create an account separately.Straight to the point,you can use your drive very effectively and it would be a real alternative to your operating system and there are so many advantages.

  • Access anywhere in the world
  • All applications are free to use
  • No virus problems compared to desktop operating system
  • No worrying about data that is safe in cloud storage
  • Less memory resources are also enough to run the applications

How to create Google Drive account?

  1. Process is very simple,you need to create one Gmail account.

  2. Go to and create one mail account with your details.

3 After creating mail account go to and login with your details

Here I explain about 5 necessary apps those are perfectly makes Google drive as cloud operating system.

Before using any new application in Google drive you need to connect that app.You can check the process of integrating apps in the following post

1. Google Docs:

Google docs is the most used application in internet for editing and creating office documents,spread sheets,presentations and many more.


  • You can create number of documents ,spreadsheets and presentations
  • Easily share to the other people or directly publish to the web
  • After creating document you can convert it into several document formats by clicking on download as button
  • Insert mathematical equations directly.
  • Create beautiful animations on presentations and share them with people
  • Not only creating you can open Microsoft and other open office documents too

2. Pixar Express:

Pixar express is the wonderful app that gives nice look to your images and you can add more and more cool effects to the images.


  • You can upload image in three different ways they are,
  1. Browse from computer

2.  with open URL

  1. Webcam
  • Create different types of colleagues
  • Common tools all are available like adjustments,effects,borders etc..
  • In each category more effects are available to edit pictures
  • Undo and redo operations are available to make changes before getting final result
  • You can use this app in full screen mode also

3. Drive music:

Drive tunes is a music player which plays audio songs in Google drive with simple play,pause,forward,backward and volume controls.


  • Plays mp3 and some other low level file formats
  • Play songs without interruption
  • Search option is available to search over the whole songs
  • Play songs in playlist mode also

4. Zip and Send:

This works with Google app script and by using this app you can zip Google docs and send it to your email with single click.


  • Easy to use and you can use it via context menu
  • Send many files of Google docs at a time

5. To-do:

To-do is a remainder application which remains about your tasks by time wise.You need to create an account for this app or sign in with Gmail username and password.


  • You can add notes with simple process
  • Schedule tasks with time and add a remainder about that
  • Add labels for easy customization

There are so many apps are  available in Google drive and you can integrate more apps to enhance your cloud service more reliable.

If you have any doubts about this please leave a comment.