How to Use Your Branding to Complement Your Online Marketing


Last updated on April 7th, 2022 at 06:56 am

In 2021, more businesses than ever are focusing on their digital marketing campaigns over other forms of marketing. Your company’s branding is just as important as its online image in making your business recognized by your target audience and ensuring that you can grow your company, though. So, here is a guide to how you can use your branding to complement your online marketing schemes.

Why is branding still important?

Branding is just as important to your online marketing methods as it used to be to your offline ones. This is because your customers still need to recognize your business and what it stands for across multiple platforms, such as social media and blogs. Branding is more important than ever before because the internet is more crowded than physical marketing spaces, and you will likely be jostling for attention with bigger and better brands. Therefore, you should consider hiring a professional digital marketing company to create a unique and eye-catching brand identity.

How can you create a cohesive campaign?

Many people tend to create separate branding for their offline and online marketing campaigns, with different logos and slogans that they believe will appeal to different sections of their target audience. However, instead of enticing as many people as possible, by developing these schemes separately, you will be creating an overwhelming and confusing campaign that leaves the business that you promote in the real world looking as if it is entirely different from the one that you present online.

If you have developed a cohesive and effective marketing campaign on digital platforms, then why keep this as online-only? What works digitally can often also work in real life, and creating a distinctive brand image that you can promote on every single platform is vital. Then, you should consider creating a logo and slogan which you can place both on your websites and social media platforms, as well as on banners and leaflets in the physical world. This should be bright, eye-catching, and simple to understand. This can help your audience to instantly see the association between your marketing campaigns both online and in the physical world and ensure that they are interconnected, rather than being completely separate in what they aim to achieve.

You also need to make sure that you pour as much effort into your in-person branding as you do your online marketing. To do this, you should consider placing the logo and slogan that you use on digital platforms on real-world objects. For instance, custom hats can carry on your message when your customers are going about their daily business or when your employees are serving them. This will help you to carry on promoting your brand no matter where your target audience is, rather than mixing and matching your messaging and making it as confusing as possible.

How can you use branding online?

To use branding to complement your online marketing, you should find influencers that identity with your brand’s mission to advertise your company on social media and find keywords that reflect the nature of your brand and what you stand for to succeed at SEO. You should also make sure that your blog is filled with references to what makes your company unique as a brand, such as stories about how it was set up or what you set out to do.

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