Optimization of Amazon listing is the key to a successful eCommerce trade. In 2023, sellers on Amazon are persisting to concentrate on their SEO on Amazon. That is because Amazon item listing optimization not just affects the ability of an Amazon seller to get the maximum profit but it also will help reduce your Amazon Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising expenses.

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In case getting buyers to find your items from a wide range of competitors is certainly winning half the battle, and the other half is persuading them to purchase right now. Understanding how to create powerful Amazon product listings is certainly a big asset. Don’t let those potential customers leave after working so hard to have your product exposed.

And now, you can even achieve this success by using AI Amazon Optimization. How? Well, keep an eye on this article to know how AI Amazon Optimization can help boost your sales on Amazon.

What is Amazon Listing Optimization Or SEO?

Perhaps you already know that SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It implies a set of measures aimed at increasing the visibility of a site or web page in major search engines such as Google.

Product listing optimization on Amazon differs only in that brands need to achieve good visibility on Amazon while complying with various requirements and algorithms of online platforms.

Thus, the main thing in product listing is compliance with the rules of the marketplace. Next, we will talk about identifying popular keywords, understanding and finding your audience, and standing out from competitors in the marketplace.

Principles of SEO on Amazon

Before you start promoting your product and creating a listing on Amazon, it is important to determine which keyword to use for your product. In case you are selling a niche product, like used luxury watches, you need to find keywords that specialize in those items.

To increase your audience reach, you can publish on Amazon. To do this, you need to understand the operation of the online platform, that is:

  • Understand the target audience;
  • Find out the peak time of interaction;
  • Adapt the style of the text for publication depending on the platform, while maintaining brand loyalty.

You can simply start by peeking at the listing of the product of your competing brands. Identify the main competitors. Study their product listings, texts, and publication times – all these insights will help you get a big picture of the Amazon you plan to enter and the secrets of successful sales.

How Does Amazon Listing Optimization and SEO Work?

As soon as users search for a product in Amazon’s search box, this platform generates recommendations for more appropriate keywords as per their search. After running the search, the algorithm of Amazon provides them with a short list of optimized product listings that will take people to your product page.

Why Amazon product listing optimization is important for SEO

The updated A10 algorithm of Amazon is highly concentrated on buyer experience — a variation from the last A9’s emphasis on profits. This depends on 3 main factors. These factors are as follows

  • Reviews & ratings
  • Numbers of sales
  • Quality of Product Listing

Behind the scenes, a lot of work takes place to determine the ranking of the product listing. Amazon’s platform tends to prefer the most conceivable sellers, meaning those with constant sales as well as reviews. Amazon balances all of these aspects to determine who gets the 1st place on the search results, and who gets the Best Seller banner.

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Create a Profitable Amazon Listing?

Let’s now look at the latest addition to the eCommerce industry, AI (or Artificial Intelligence) content generation. One such AI tool is the AI Listify tool. Now AI Listify with its incredible possibilities has fascinated a big part of the world, it is time to notice how it may affect eCommerce merchants.

Could Artificial Intelligence help you reach Amazon’s first page? To answer this question we spent some days with AI Listify and other popular Artificial Intelligence content generators to check whether they can help boost business on Amazon or not.

Artificial Intelligence can change how (in a better way) we develop and optimize a product listing on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms.

By utilizing machine learning, natural language processing, and also other Artificial Intelligence techniques, sellers can develop optimized listings of products for search as well as conversion. Moreover, AI-generated videos, images, and chatbots can also help to entice more buyers and increase profitability and sales.

Although Artificial Intelligence can be a decisive tool to assist in optimizing product listings on Amazon, it isn’t a replacement for human judgment and expertise. It is best utilized as a tool that can help sellers make data-driven decisions.

Whereas many sellers already use AI on their product listings on Amazon, the technology is continually evolving, and it’ll be fascinating to see how the product listings will enhance in the future.

How To Use AI to Optimize Your Amazon Listings and Boost Sales

To use the AI to optimize your Amazon product listings and boost sales, you need to open this AI Listify tool -> enter the product name you wish to make a listing.

The algorithm investigates the leading 10 organic keyword rankings and creates the best-working keywords with higher monthly search volume and relevance.

Using the keywords, AI Listify creates a complete SEO-optimized product listing which generally contains the following segments:

  • Descriptions
  • Title
  • Search Terms
  • 5 Bullet Points

As soon as the product listing is prepared (usually takes 12 hours or less), it’ll be sent to the seller’s email address. The seller can edit the product listing further or add the AI-generated content to Seller Central.


No matter if you’re a beginner Amazon seller or a million-dollar Amazon brand who is doing business for years, writing the “best” Amazon product listing content, is important to your success. However, often sellers fail to do this and as a result, they can’t top the race to becoming successful.

Fortunately, there is an AI tool for them. With the help of the right AI tool like AI Listify, you can well-optimize your product and can boost sales.