When the Xbox One’s system error E105 appears, it puts users in a pickle. Forget low fps. On your console, any error can be infuriating. However, a bug that prevents you from booting your Xbox One at all is severe and enraging. You can also learn more about solving common Xbox games errors with easily. This guide will assist you in resolving the Xbox One error code E105. Take the steps outlined in the section below.

According to other gamers who have also experienced this issue, there are several possible causes for Xbox One’s System Error E105.

  1. Corrupted files stacked up inside the temp folder: It turns out that Xbox One generates temporary files passively, which may help to stabilize the OS in the long run. If this is the case, and the problem fosters this error code, a standard power cycling operation should be sufficient to resolve it.

  2. Firmware inconsistency: If your system shuts down unexpectedly and some critical firmware files are corrupted, you may see this error. Via the Startup Troubleshooter menu, run a system update to see if that fixes the problem. You might need a flash drive for this.

  3. Corrupted System Files: Another possibility is that you have compromised data that the framework cannot clean up on its own. Initiate the Startup Troubleshooter and conduct a Factory Reset to fix the startup error.

  4. HDD Hardware Failure: Unless you’re facing issues with an external hard drive that can be unplugged, sending your gaming console for proper servicing is the standalone way to resolve this issue.

Performing a Power Cycling procedure

First and foremost, you should clean out your Xbox One’s temp folder to get rid of any corruption obtained by your system’s operating system without your knowledge. Power cycling is the best method for accomplishing this. On top of that, this operation will drain the power capacitors, resolving a variety of HDD problems that may have contributed to System Error E105.

Here’s a quick, easy-to-follow guide to performing a power-cycle procedure:

● To begin, make sure your console is turned on and in an idle state.

● Hold down the Xbox button for 10 seconds on your console, or until the front LED breaks flashing and the fans rest.

● When your console has finished shutting down, discharge the power switch and remove the power cord from the wall outlet. This will ensure that all of your console’s power capacitors have been depleted. Wait a full minute after unplugging the power cord before again plugging it back in.

If “System Error E105” persists, see the following possible alternative below.

Manually update the console’s firmware.

An unexpected power-down could also cause a firmware inconsistency, which would explain why you’re seeing this error. According to what we’ve learned, this could lead to specific firmware issues that make it extremely difficult for your console to boot.

If the above scenario is applicable, overwriting the existing firmware with the most recent version found on Microsoft’s official website should rectify any issues. This fix worked for several people who were getting the same System Error E105 while trying it.

If you’re in this position, you can manually update your console’s firmware and bypass the current Xbox One OS version by following the steps below:

● The first step is to secure a USB drive ready for the offline update. This entire process will be carried out on PC.

● Format the USB drive to NTFS by right-clicking on it in File Explorer and selecting Format.

● Before clicking Start, change the File settings to NTFS and then tick the Quick and easy Format box.

● After you’ve verified that your USB flash drive is formatted correctly, click here to download the recent Xbox One update.

● Once the download is complete, go to the root folder of the flash drive and extract the components of the file.

● Once this is done, safely eject your USB stick from your computer and plug it into your XBOX.

● When you revert to your console, hold down the Bind + Eject buttons while pressing and holding the Xbox toggle on the console.

● Following 2 consecutive tones, release the Eject & Bind button and sit tight for the Startup Troubleshooter window to appear.

● Now that you’ve delivered at the Startup Troubleshooter display insert your USB storage device to gain access to Offline System Update. When it occurs, choose it and push X to gain access to it.

● Hang tight for the process to finish after you affirm the operation. If your Flash drive is SSD-based or HDD-based, this could take a lot longer than 10 minutes.

● After you’ve updated your system’s firmware, proceed to the next possible fix below.

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Restore Xbox One to Factory State

You might be dealing with corrupted data that was disrupted by an update interruption or a power surge if power-cycling and upgrading your Xbox One console didn’t fix your System Error E105.

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The bottom line is that updating your firmware won’t fix a corrupt OS file that’s been there for a long time. If the problem isn’t hardware-related, your only option is to perform a complete hard reset through the Startup Troubleshooter menu.

Hope this quick guide helped you solve your Xbox startup errors issues.