How to Target Managed Services Customers Properly


The business for MSPs seems to be more crowded than it’s ever been. With the present number of suppliers, creating a distinct competitive edge and distinguishing your services from those of some might be difficult. You might have already figured out how to establish a managed services firm, but the next significant challenge and concern would be how do you obtain managed services customers properly?

Getting your primary MSP customer is important to chart the route of your company’s performance. Here, from my MSP marketing experience on LeftLeads, will discuss how to obtain MSP clients and help buyers reach their business.

How to target Managed Services Customers properly

First of all, choose your sector considering your existing knowledge and also where your interest resides. Furthermore, let’s check in details to get targeted MSP customers.

#1. Ask for recommendations

Mostly, every MSP will remind you that the best way to obtain MSP clients is through recommendations from your existing distribution network. Asking for recommendations requires nothing and has a high probability of success.

Although if you are new to the process, you most certainly just have IT knowledge and connections in the IT business if you are launching your own MSP. And do not be scared to ask for references from others.

#2. Use relevant communication channels

Whenever it comes to attracting managed service customers, accessibility is important. Instead of looking for an MSP customer, just let the client discover your business. Investigate how prospective clients may contact you and ensure that all routes are open.

Begin by creating a robust and appealing webpage that emphasizes the breadth of your offerings. As easy as it may appear, from your company’s email address to the specific address and any necessary contact information, ensure that your type of data is right, all forms of contact are working, and you have enough people to react to requests.

Google reviews are another strategy for establishing yourself as a trustworthy IT service provider since they will help you obtain more internet activity and hence more queries through your online platform. Do not even hesitate to include information about your company in local business archives, yellow pages, 4square, and so forth.

The following idea is very valuable for tech support businesses. Once your website is complete, you may use Google Ads to execute local marketing. Even though it needs some financial investment, this strategy can assist possible MSP clients in your region in discovering your business.

#3. Collaborate with the best in the Business

Establishing mutual benefits relationships is a competitive advantage for the company. Some very well MSPs with a huge customer base may encounter clients that seem to be relatively small for them. Set up shop and take on their smaller clients as your next MSP customers. You may pay your competitors a referral fee for referring these new clients to you, that is normally one month’s ongoing income.

One such popular approach is for startup MSPs to acquire other small Managed IT Services businesses in addition to their customers. It is an excellent approach to turn these companies’ existing consumers into your subscribers. You may promise to address the problems that the prior provider did not, and you can offer them a reduction to create your proposal much more appealing.

#4. Realign Potential Clients

Another suggestion for gaining potential clients is to contact local firms who are already hiring system administrators or an IT team and describe how your systems are better, extra cost-effective, and much more adjustable than maintaining an IT department on professionals.

#5 Identify and maintain your industry expertise

While the choice to launch an MSP is taken, a well-informed entrepreneur continues to investigate variables including.

  • Choosing the scope of work
  • Investigating financing alternatives
  • emphasizing the advantages and disadvantages
  • Defining your target audience
  • Responding to the 4 Ps of Marketing

Besides these factors, it’s indeed vital at this point to establish your specific industry specialization, as the MSP industry is overcrowded. Sometimes when you lack dignity, you must engage only on budget.

You can concentrate in some popular products. However, you may also become an expert in a specific particular market by combining your in-depth technical skills with business experience. In this situation, you may promote both forms of knowledge and pay for better solutions.

To use this strategy, you must first learn about the industry you intend to serve. Know the industry, what its needs are, what is vital to clients in it, what business difficulties they encounter, and many more. This seems to be equally as vital as the vertical’s conceptual qualities.

#6. Become an expert in professional dealing with customers

Developing a true relationship with each MSP customer will always play a part, no regardless of how much advertising advances. Take this chance to physically visit clients’ workplaces to promote yourself and your business’s products. Make the first move to communicate with and educate the senior management. Give them an informative brochure with crucial data about your services, such as price, and describe why your offerings are unique.

However, if you ever do not receive a recommendation, well-structured sessions are still beneficial. You know how to better communicate about your company and offer your solutions.

#7. Don’t ever be misled by the incredible strength of cash discounts

Acquiring your first MSP customer may appear to be a tough extreme challenge over days, weeks, and even months of looking. However, even in the most unpredictable of circumstances, Don’t provide any of your services at no cost or at drastically reduced costs!

While still, this appears to be a fantastic technique for attracting clients, it will not work in the long run since it lowers the potential value of your providing. Customers may frequently seek even cheaper rates when an MSP appears prepared to provide discounts in order to get them to sign an agreement.


Aside from knowing how to obtain MSP clients, you need to understand what makes your organization stand out to possibilities. In all the other terms, you must be prepared to respond to the following inquiry, Particularly, if I operate a firm in your customer base, whatever makes you so unique, and why should I select you over the next person?

Equally essential, believe in your company’s strategy and the excellence of its offerings. Your company is just as successful as you believe it really is. Buyers will become more motivated to begin boldly creating a trusting connection with you if you derive pleasure in your brand providing and private enterprises.

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