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It’s the 21st-century, folks. The world has seen great technological advancements. We’ve got tech and gear to make everything more convenient, less time consuming, and more beautiful.

Manufacturers are working on anything that can catch the eye, and we can probably all agree to the fact that taking pictures is probably one of the coolest and the most popular trends of our time.

It’s significantly important how those pictures turned out, whether you just took them of yourself, your friends, family, your pet, or a view you admired. These pictures speak a lot about your taste in love, art, nature or architecture, and whatnot.

Good thing we live in the 21st century, where everything is possible. From Instagram or Snapchat filters to high megapixel digital cameras and selfie sticks, so much more is available to us. Nowadays, we can click a picture that will capture the moment, just as beautiful and fresh as it was in our memory.

Keeping in mind the different types of photography, we have made a collection of some of the best gadgets that we found for you so you can take amazing photos without a professional photographer.

Camera Lens for your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones’ camera lenses are really a thing now. All you have to do is attach them to your cell phone with a clip, and it instantly transforms the flat phone pictures to wide, up close wonders.

These lenses are small in size, which makes them easy to carry around, and the best part is that they transform the results of a phone camera to that of a DSLR, and you can barely tell the difference.

Such lenses are most commonly used for daily life photography or to click wide pictures while traveling.

Ring Light

Ring light, as the name itself suggests, is a big ring-shaped light that entirely transforms your pictures. It is most commonly used for clicking portraits, beauty shots, and macro photography.

All photographers and videographers love using ring lights while doing their job because these tools offer the use of diffused lighting around the person you’re shooting, and it also tends to reduce the effects of harsh shadows. This is mainly why it’s a lighting tool most commonly used for close up portrait photography.

Basically, in other words, you can say they tend to make your subject glow while keeping the contours of their face. It’s the perfect tool for clicking portraits and selfies.

Selfie Drones

This is an entirely new concept in the photography world. You would have thought we’d see the day when we have selfie drones to click pretty pictures for us.

With these drones for selfies at your side, you can add a unique perspective and a completely awe-inspiring angle to your pictures that are almost impossible to be able to achieve with smartphones. It is like a selfie stick, but better!

Though they’re many drones in the market now, yet here are some that you could definitely give a try,

1) Holy Stone HS160 Pro Selfie Drone

2) Hover Passport

3) DeXop SG-900 Selfie Drone

4) Kizmo K 160 Portable Drone

5) JJRC H-37 Elfie Drone

DSLR Cameras and their Lenses

Another very cool gadget that it seems like everyone has lying around in their homes nowadays are DSLRs, and all the photography lovers out there know the different types of Lenses that come with these cameras and how they improve your pictures by folds.

Depending upon what you like to capture, you can try getting your hands on any of the following:

Fisheye or Ultra Wide Angle Lens

They are mostly used to get panoramic views of architectural structures, landscapes, and the water-proof ones for underwater photography.

The lens’ front glass is bulged out, which gives a distortion effect around the corners and provides you with a beautiful panoramic view with ultra-wide/fish eyes angle lenses.

Wide-angle Lens

Mostly used by photographers to shoot weddings, architecture, sports, wildlife, landscapes, and streets.

Telephoto/Zoom Lens

Used for Sports, Wildlife, and Portrait photography

Macro Lens

The macro lens is mostly used to capture intrinsic details of small scene selection.

50 or 60 mm ones are perfect for Product, Jewelry, E-commerce, and Nature photography.


Photography in different domains requires different gadgets and different types of gear. Using a camera like the DSLR to click a simple selfie is probably not the best idea. While choosing any of the above, you need to be careful about the type of photography you do and what gadget meets your needs the best.


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