Roaches are an insect which no one wants in their home but knowingly or unknowingly they keep coming from various sources including the drain pipes. The other sources include bathroom, dustbin, among others.

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Today in this post, our main focus will be on how you can stop such roaches coming out of the drain pipes and maybe in some other posts I will talk about the kitchen pipes or bathroom. Roaches are known for spreading disease, germs and triggering asthma as well as allergy symptoms. Moreover the issues that create, the feel is very uncomfortable. Just think of you having lunch and suddenly you see roaches moving here and there. The entire experience is disturbed. Here in this article we will learn how to avoid roaches.

How to block roaches entry points:

Here are some important points those you should consider to block the entry of the roaches:

  • Seal any cracks or holes that you may have in the drain pipes or any other pipes including the bathroom pipe, sink pipes etc. You can use some light or flashlight to inspect and seal permanently to avoid any future issues as well.
  • Find any gaps in your sink, sink pipes, AC outdoor pipe unit, water cooler, etc. Fill those gaps as much as you can. Make sure you use plaster or paints or steel or something which can last long enough.
  • Inspect your home to see there is no place in your home which has holded water logging. Water logging is another main reason to attract such roaches. If there are any such, clean that and make sure it doesn’t log again.
  • You may think of installing trap primers to avoid roaches as well. It’s easy to install such a device and any plumber can do this very easily.

Now as you know how you can block roaches from entering your house, it’s the time to prevent Infestation. Here are some tips those you can follow to prevent a cockroach infestation-

  1. Keep your kitchen top, utensil, and devices clean all the time. Never leave food spread or left on these devices. Make sure you clean these carefully and make it dry. The food that you leave on these kitchen tops allows roaches to eat. This way they will keep growing and will create the problem.
  2. Sink is another main source of such roaches. Although people clean this usually but if you don’t do deep cleaning. You will leave it dirty. Maybe once a week or bi-weekly you can have the kitchen sink deep cleaned.
  3. People usually have the habit of keeping the dustbin under the kitchen sink or table. Sometimes you throw wet garbage on these and forget to throw it. These are very good sources of attracting roaches. So, make sure you either don’t put it here or make a habit of throwing outside everyday


These were some of the quick tips to avoid roaches in your home. Make sure you inspect the kitchen, water logging, pipes and other main sources of roaches and clean/take precautions to correct to avoid such insects.